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Best Sunglasses for Heart Shaped Faces

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The heart is one of the most common face shapes. It's also known as an inverted triangle or V-shaped face. Its main characteristics include:

  • A broad forehead (widest part of your face)
  • High cheekbones that stand out
  • A narrow jawline
  • An angular, narrow chin
Reese Witherspoon Heart Shaped Face

The best sunglasses frame shapes for heart-shaped faces are:

  • Oval and Circular 
  • Rectangular
  • Rimless and Semi-Rimless
  • Wayfarers
  • Aviators
  • Cat-Eye 

The most important part of choosing sunglasses is feeling comfortable and protected in them. Knowing your face shape is only meant to guide you in choosing frames that complement your features.

Heart Face Shape - Vision Center

Keep in mind that not everyone perfectly matches a face shape. Most people have elements of two or three different shapes. The best way to figure out your face shape is to identify your most distinct facial features, and then match them to a face shape.

Best Frame Shapes for Heart Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces are very versatile when it comes to choosing sunglasses styles. You can use your frames to shift attention towards or away from your different facial features. 

Here are the six best sunglasses for heart-shaped faces:

Oval and Circular

Round frame styles are popular because they contrast the sharp features of your face. This contrast softens angular features and draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

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Rectangular frames help provide balance to heart-shaped faces. They add structure to your softer angles and can make a broad forehead appear narrower.

They give off a professional look and are perfect if you don’t want to draw too much attention to your sunnies.

Warby Parker Samir Sunglasses

Rimless and Semi-Rimless

Rimless and semi-rimless frames are other low-key options for you. Semi-rimless frames draw attention away from a wider forehead towards your jawline. Rimless frames let your facial features speak for themselves.

Yoji Edo Gunmetal Rimless Sunglasses

Browline (Wayfarers & Clubmasters)

Browline frames have been in style for decades. Ray-Ban popularized this frame shape with its Wayfarer and Clubmaster models, and many companies have created eyewear in the same shape.

These frames are characterized by prominent endpoints that sit beyond your temples. This helps balance a wide forehead by making your eyes the focal point.

Ray-Ban Rb3576n Blaze Clubmaster Metal Square Sunglasses


Aviator-style frames are one of the most popular in the world. Their bottom-heavy design draws the eye downwards. The teardrop shape flattens angular chins and can add balance to your face.

Duluth Aviator Sunglasses


Cat-eye sunglasses are a trendy choice, especially for women. They come in various shapes and are characterized by upswept endpoints.

These retro frames can help contour your face. You can find a style that balances your face or highlights your prominent cheekbones.

Leta Sunglasses Warby Parker

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Frames to Avoid

Heart-shaped faces have such a versatile structure that there are no frame shapes that need to be avoided. It all depends on where you want to draw people’s gaze.

If you want to draw attention away from your chin, avoid rimless frames or aviators. Square sunglasses add angular lines that could make your features look sharper than they already are. Avoid them if you’re looking to soften your features.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

If you're unsure about your face shape, there are steps you can do to find out. Remember that you can be a mix of more than one face shape.

To determine your shape, identify your most prominent facial features.

Measure Your Face Length and Width

Using a mirror or selfie, pay attention to your face length and width. Measure your face length from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Next, measure the width of your face from the left to the right side of your face. This measurement should be taken twice—one for your cheekbones and the other for your jawline.

  • Long faces fall under oblong, oval, or diamond shapes
  • Wide faces fall under heart, square, or round shapes

Analyze Your Facial Features

Some people have sharp and defined features, while others have rounder and softer ones. Determining what you have can specify your face shape.

  • Long faces with soft lines are oblong or oval shapes
  • Wide faces with soft lines are round shapes
  • Rounded foreheads and pointed chins are heart shapes
  • Wide faces with angular jawlines, cheekbones, and foreheads are square shapes
  • Narrow foreheads, sharp jawlines, and pointed chins are diamond shapes

Additional Tips to Determine Your Face Shape

You can take your face measurements by eye or using a measuring tape. You can also use face shape calculators like Omni Calculator.

There are also apps, including:

How to Choose Sunglasses Frame Colors

Frame colors are just as important as shapes. Here are things you can consider when choosing your sunglasses frame colors:

Skin Tone

Skin tones come in a spectrum of yellow, pink, and neutral undertones. They can also mix and become peach or olive undertones.

The general rule of thumb is that warm colors are for yellow undertones, cool colors are for pink undertones, and both can be for neutral undertones.

Alternatively, you can get neutral-colored sunglasses frames like black, brown, cream, or white. These will suit any skin tone.

Hair Color

Your hair color can influence how a pair of sunglasses will look on you. For example, if you have green hair, you might find that sunglasses with red frames can look tacky or unflattering.

People with black, brown, or white hair could wear red sunglasses because their neutral hair colors won't clash.


Many people wear sunglasses every day as accessories to their outfits. If most of your clothes are bright colors or loud prints, it can be a good idea to have neutral-colored sunglasses.

This ensures you can wear them with all your outfits without clashing. If you wear mostly neutral-colored clothing, having a muted, but colorful, pair of sunglasses is a good way to add an accent piece to your wardrobe.

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Examples of Heart Shaped Faces with Sunglasses

Scarlett Johannson Sunglasses1
Justin Timberlake Sunglasses
Vanessa Hudgens Sunglasses
Naomi Campbell Sunglasses
Nick Jonas Sunglasses
Updated on  December 30, 2022
7 sources cited
Updated on  December 30, 2022
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