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Best Sunglasses for Round Shaped Faces

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With a few tips, finding the best sunglasses for your round face shape is easy. People with round face shapes have a few options when choosing their sunglasses shape.

Round faces have jawlines and foreheads that are similar widths. They also have soft features.

Jennifer Lawrence Round Face Shape

Here are the most popular frames for round faces:

  • Rectangular and Square 
  • Cat-Eye
  • Wayfarer and Clubmaster
  • Oversized
  • Geometric
  • Aviators/Navigators

Some advise against frames with oval or circular shapes, as they can make your features seem even more rounded. However, others prefer highlighting their natural features with curved lines on their frames.

If you aren’t sure whether you have a round face, let’s go over what makes up a round face.

Best Frame Shapes for Round Faces

People with round face shapes usually prefer angular lines in sunglasses. However, some shapes can work to accentuate your soft curves.

Here are the six most popular frame styles for round faces:

Rectangular and Square

Rectangular and square frames add sharp angles that provide juxtaposition and accentuate your features.

They make your face appear longer and thinner. The angular frames provide a contrast that can highlight your prominent features.

Popular Rectangular and Square Frames

Ray Ban RB4187 Chris
Ray-Ban RB4187 Chris

The Highstreet sun collection has a new member, the. This stylish unisex frame boasts a square shape and saddle bridge.

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Amelia E. Honeybee
Amelia E. Honeybee

Made from high-quality acetate, these shades feature chunky wire-core arms and bold colors, making them impossible to miss.

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Oakley OO9417 Holbrook XL
Oakley OO9417 Holbrook XL

The Oakley Holbrook XL is made from lightweight yet sturdy O-Matter. They feature Oakley’s high-definition optics.

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Cat-eye sunglasses are one of the most popular choices for women. Their upswept lines contour rounded cheeks and provide a “lifting” effect.

With cat-eye frames, you can choose for angular or rounded edges. Most people with round faces choose the angular option for a perfect fit. The effect offers a trendy, vintage look.

Popular Cat-Eye Frames

Product Backgrounds 22
Amelia E. Heather

The Heather Amelia E. exudes glamour with its unique color. Expertly crafted from top-notch acetate, it boasts a striking blend of boldness and sleekness.

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Ray Ban RB2299 Lady Burbank
Ray-Ban RB2299 Lady Burbank

The Ray-Ban RB2299 Lady Burbank showcases a translucent pink frame paired with stylish brown vintage lenses. These lenses offer full UV protection.

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Product Backgrounds 21
Amelia E. Duchess

Expertly crafted from premium acetate, the Duchess Amelia E.’s sleek metal arms and sophisticated lines create a polished and refined appearance.

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Wayfarer and Clubmaster

Wayfarer and clubmaster frames were popularized by Ray-Ban and are a classic eyewear choice. They are a versatile, retro design that can go with casual or formal attire.

Round faces look best in wayfarer or clubmaster frames with long temples and a flatter browline.

Popular Wayfarer and Clubmaster Frames

Ray Ban RB3016 Clubmaster
Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster

The iconic Ray-Ban Clubmaster, renowned for its semi-rimless design, has made the brand what it is today with its metal accents and strong, classic arms.

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Ray Ban RB2140 Wayfarer
Ray-Ban RB2140 Wayfarer

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer paved the way for the trendsetting show Mad Men. Made of top-quality acetate, this iconic frame continues to leave a lasting impression.

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Muse M Brighton
Muse M Brighton

Made from top-notch acetate, the Muse Brighton it boasts a single bridge, gleaming silver rivets, and innovative color combinations, combining flair with charm.

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Your soft, rounded features are the perfect canvas for big, bright frames. Oversized frames are a popular choice for people with a round face shape and a creative side. Try out big, bold frames and bright colors until you find the perfect pair.

Popular Oversized Frames

Vogue VO2871S
Vogue VO2871S

The VO2871S is a stylish frame made from lightweight nylon fiber. They feature eye-catching colors and unique arm patterns, plus flexible hinges.

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Spy Cyrus
Spy Cyrus

With its muscular arms and bold color options, the Spy Cyrus wraparound frame offers a secure fit. Crafted from durable Grilamid, it provides both comfort and fashion.

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Yoji Kaito
Yoji Kaito

The Yoji Kaito is a rimless square sunglasses frame that exudes effortless cool. With its metal arms and gleaming colors, it strikes appeal and practicality.

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Geometric shapes are another fun way to express your creativity. They come in all sorts of sizes. Angular shapes such as hexagons provide a contrast similar to square and rectangular frames but with an additional flair.

Popular Geometric Frames

Ottoto Reverso
Ottoto Reverso

Ottoto Reverso is an exceptional semi-rimless eyeglass frame, blending high-quality metal construction and a hexagonal design that stands out with a rimless top.

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Ray Ban 3548N
Ray-Ban 3548N

The 3548N by Ray-Ban is a fashionable frame with a distinctive geometric rim design. It boasts an intricate bridge, elegant gold accents, and intriguing angles.

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Champion Lolo
Champion Lolo

The Lolo by Champion is made of sturdy stainless steel, it boasts a distinctive browline adorned with adjustable silicone nose pads for comfort.

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Aviators are one of the most popular styles of sunglasses of all time. Some people with round faces like how these frames point to their full cheeks. Others opt for a navigator frame.

Aviator frames have a rounder bottom, while navigators have a straighter bottom and are shaped more like square frames.

Popular Aviators/Navigators Frames

Ray Ban RB3025
Ray-Ban RB3025

The Ray-Ban 3025’s frame in the form of a tear drop adds a unique twist to the traditional aviator design. Its double bridge and slim yet strong frame make it perfect.

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Product Backgrounds 2
Michael Kors MK5004

The Michael Kors MK5004 offers a revitalizing interpretation of the classic aviator design. Made of premium monel, it boasts a stunning double bridge and sleek arms.

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Product Backgrounds
Ottoto Morse

The Ottoto Morse is a fashionable frame that combines elegance with flair. Constructed from acetate, it boasts a smooth brow bar, keyhole bridge, and slender arms.

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Frames to Avoid 

People with round faces tend to opt for angular frames that contrast and lengthen their faces. Frames that they tend to avoid include:

Small Frames

Small frames can exaggerate the width of a round face. Rimless frames usually have the same effect. That’s why people tend to go with oversized frames more often than smaller ones.

Circle and Oval Frames

Circle and oval frames have the opposite effect of square and rectangular frames. Instead of providing balance and contrast, they tend to exaggerate the roundness of your features.

Remember, this guide is written based on trends and observations. Feel free to experiment with all sorts of frames until you find one that makes you happy and comfortable.

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Do You Have A Round Shaped Face?

Only a few people have a face shape that perfectly matches its description. When figuring out your face shape, it’s best to identify your most prominent features and match them to the face shape that best describes them.

With that said, round face shapes are characterized by soft, curved facial features and equal proportions.

Round Face Shape - Vision Center

The most distinguishing features of round faces are:

  • Approximately the same width from jaw to forehead
  • Full cheeks
  • Cheekbones that make up the widest part of the face
  • A rounded chin and jawline with few angles
  • Soft, rounded curves and smooth lines

Round faces and square faces have similar proportions. However, round faces are easy to identify because they lack angles and are filled with curved, soft features.

Examples of Round Faces with Sunglasses

image 33
image 34
image 35
image 36
image 37
image 38

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Updated on  February 5, 2024
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Updated on  February 5, 2024
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