Updated on  December 29, 2022
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Best Sunglasses for Oblong/Rectangular Face Shape

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It can be hard to find something appropriate for your face shape when considering what sunglasses to wear. No matter how much you like a particular pair, it might not work for you.

People with oblong (rectangular) face shapes are lucky because many different frame designs work for them. 

Good choices include taller rims, rectangular lenses, and decorative temples. These designs make the face seem wider.

Here are the most popular frames for oblong/rectangular shaped faces:

  • Rectangular or square
  • Cat-eye
  • Aviators
  • Oval
Sarah Jessica Parker Oblong Face Shape

Do You Have an Oblong Face Shape?

Oblong Face Shape - Vision Center

In an oblong face, your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are very similar widths. This is similar to square face shapes.

However, unlike square faces, oblong faces are longer. If your face is longer than it is wide, you have an oblong face, not a square face. Most oblong face shapes have a curved chin as well.

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4 Best Sunglasses For Oblong/Rectangular Face Shape

Here are the best sunglasses for oblong/rectangular face shapes:

Rectangular or Square

Full rim sunglasses have the lenses surrounded by the frame. This style tends to offer more variety in terms of shape and color. 

Try to choose a pair with wide rims, decorative temples, and colorful tops. The tall rims will help balance out your facial proportions; the temples and tops will add needed width. 

image 18


This vintage style is perfect for oblong or rectangular faces. The upswept rims draw attention away from the chin and towards the eyes. 

These look particularly attractive on oblong faces when oversized, providing a very playfully retro look. 

image 19


These timeless classics are still going strong. Aviators suit a wide variety of face shapes. For oblong faces, the teardrop-shaped lenses of aviators flatten chins and provide balance. 

Aviators have never been out of style, making them a welcome addition to any repertoire.

image 20


Like aviators, oval sunglasses are highly versatile and can be worn with any wardrobe. A pair of black frames brings an element of sophistication to any outfit. 

Because they’re wide, oval sunglasses bring balance and structure to oblong faces. They also help accentuate the regal qualities already inherent in oblong face shapes.

image 21

Frames to Avoid

Oblong faces are long and slender. The contours of oblong faces tend to draw attention to the chin area. 

Because of this, they benefit from sunglasses which emphasize the eyes and forehead. Small, thin, or overly round glasses will make the face seem longer, and should be avoided.

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Examples of Oblong/Rectangular Faces With Sunglasses

Will Smith Sunglasses
Oval Face Shape Sunglasses

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Updated on  December 29, 2022
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