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Best Sunglasses for Diamond Face Shapes

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People with diamond-shaped faces do best with angular, somewhat oversized sunglasses. The narrowness of the diamond face benefits from frames that add width. 

Specifically, anything that broadens the forehead and highlights the eyes is a good choice. This will help distract from the elongated jawline.

Halle Berry Diamond Face Shape

5 Best Sunglasses For Diamond Face Shapes

We spoke to Abhi Madan, a creative director at Amarra. He mentioned that it’s important to balance high cheekbones and a narrow forehead and chin. 

You can do this with aviators, rimless, or oval frames. They provide softness and width to your facial features, providing balance.

Additionally, dark colors will likewise help structure the upper half of the face. Here are the most popular frames for diamond-shaped faces:


If you’re looking for something that matches your facial features perfectly, oval eyeglasses are a great choice. Their gentler curves complement the natural high points of the diamond-shaped face. They also provide width.

Popular Oval Frames

Ray Ban 3547N
Ray-Ban 3547N

The cool-looking Ray-Ban 3547N round full-rim glasses offer a stylish oval touch for people with diamond-shaped faces.

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Muse Optimum
Muse Optimum

Made from premium acetate, the Muse Optimum sunglasses frame exudes vintage elegance with its sleek design.

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Chaps CP5002
Chaps CP5002

The sophisticated Chaps CP5002 sunglasses boast a sleek design. with refined accents for a touch of glamour.

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The browline is an important part of your facial shape. It’s the line between your forehead and the rest of your face. 

If you have a diamond face, consider wearing browline sunglasses. They accentuate and broaden your forehead while drawing attention away from your narrow chin.

Popular Browline Frames

Ray Ban RB3016 Clubmaster
Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster

With its semi-rimless frame design, this pair became the brand’s hallmark. Its metal accents add a touch of class.

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Oakley OO9374 Frogskins Lite
Oakley OO9374 Frogskins Lite

Made from featherlight O-matter, the Oakley Frogskins Lite offers a modern spin on a classic style with its browline frame.

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Smith HaywireSAM
Smith Haywire/SAM

With its stylish polished hue and comfortable no-slip grip, this classic accessory is the perfect blend of style and function.

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Aviators have long been considered classics, and for a good reason. They go with a wide variety of face shapes. 

They’re available in various colors and styles, fitting perfectly into your wardrobe. Try something in a wider frame.

Popular Aviators Frames

Ray Ban RB3025 Aviator
Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator

The Ray-Ban 3025 features a distinctive, tear-drop frame that puts a playful spin on traditional aviator design.

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Ray Ban RB3362 Cockpit
Ray-Ban RB3362 Cockpit

The Ray-Ban 3362 boasts a sleek double bridge and a thin, yet sturdy frame that is effortlessly cool with a hint of mystery.

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Amelia E. Paulina
Amelia E. Paulina

The Amelia E. Paulina frame boasts a stylish double bridge and rim of metal and acetate with adjustable nose pads.

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Square sunglasses will make your eyes look narrower, which people with already narrow face shapes should avoid. Frames with rectangular lenses, on the other hand, help accentuate your cheekbones and the shape of your eyes. They’re also a bit wider, helping to counteract the narrowness of a diamond-shaped face.

Popular Rectangular Frames

Ray Ban RB3498
Ray-Ban RB3498

The Ray-Ban RB3498 exudes an air of effortless cool with its contemporary design to provide a comfortable fit on the move.

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Oakley OO9238 Fives Squared.
Oakley OO9238 Fives Squared

The Oakley Fives has a rectangle wrap-around design constructed from lightweight, extra-grip O-matter material.

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Yoji Edo
Yoji Edo

The Yoji Edo is a sophisticated, yet trendy rimless frame, seamlessly blending contemporary cool with premium design.

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Cat-eye sunglasses are one of the most popular styles, especially for women seeking a retro look. They have a curved top edge where they connect to the temple pieces, giving the wearer a cat-like appearance. 

Their soft curves will help balance out your angular features. They also contrast well with your cheekbones.

Popular Cat-Eye Frames

Amelia E. Heather.
Amelia E. Heather

The Heather Amelia E. exudes glamour with its unique color. Expertly crafted from top-notch acetate, it boasts a striking blend of boldness and sleekness.

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Ray Ban RB2299 Lady Burbank.
Ray-Ban RB2299 Lady Burbank

The Ray-Ban RB2299 Lady Burbank showcases a translucent pink frame paired with stylish brown vintage lenses. These lenses offer full UV protection.

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Amelia E. Duchess
Amelia E. Duchess

Expertly crafted from premium acetate, the Duchess Amelia E.’s sleek metal arms and sophisticated lines create a polished and refined appearance.

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Do You Have a Diamond-Shaped Face?

The diamond face shape has the following features:

  • Long, tapered jawline
  • High, prominent cheekbones
  • Narrow forehead
  • Pointed chin
Diamond Face Shape - Vision Center

Diamond faces that don’t have elements of other face shapes are extremely uncommon. Most people have some combination of both round and square facial features.

Diamond-shaped faces tend to be widest in the middle rather than at the top or bottom. They tend to have prominent, pointed chins and narrow foreheads.

Frames to Avoid

Madan mentioned that people with diamond-shaped faces should avoid square frames. This may also include narrow or pointed cat-eye and rectangular frames.

These can over-accentuate angular facial features and throw off symmetry. However, certain rectangular frames can work, because they can add width to your face.

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Examples of Diamond Faces With Sunglasses

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Robert Pattinson Dior Men Sunglasses 002

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