Best Sunglasses for Oval Shaped Faces

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The Best Sunglasses for Oval Shaped Faces

Finding the best pair of sunglasses for your face shape is a combination of science and taste. You’ll want to find a pair that highlights your natural features, while also displaying your personal style.

People with oval shaped faces should consider themselves lucky. Your face has a natural symmetry and balance. This makes nearly any type of frame look good on your face. 

If you have an oval shaped face, feel free to make bold selections. However, you may want to avoid frames that extend beyond the width of your face. These can disrupt the natural balance of your features.

Certain frame shapes can have different effects on your features. The most popular frame shapes for oval faces include:

  1. Square
  2. Rectangle
  3. Wayfarers
  4. Aviator
  5. Cat-Eye
  6. Geometric
  7. Wrap-Around

Not sure if you have an oval shaped face? Read on to find out.

Do You Have An Oval Shaped Face?

Oval shaped faces have balanced proportions and are longer than they are wide. 

Oval Face Shape - Vision Center

Key features of oval face shapes are:

  • Your face is longer than it is wide
  • Your forehead is slightly wider than your chin
  • Cheekbones are the widest part of your face
  • Your cheekbones may be slightly higher and prominent than other face shapes

*It’s important to note that most people don’t have a face shape that perfectly matches this description. Many people have elements of different face shapes. The best technique is to identify your strongest facial features and match them to a similar shape. These usually will be your jawline, forehead, or cheekbones.

Best Glasses for Men with Oval Face Shape


Ray-Ban Wayfarer

  • Iconic and timeless style
  • Large frame made of high-grade acetate
  • Eligible for prescription, progressive, and bifocal lenses
  • Free Shipping and returns
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Mile Square Sunglasses


  • Full metal/TR90 frame
  • Available in prescription and progressive lenses
  • 142 mm wide oversized frame size
  • Lightweight (0.6oz)

Kristol Aviator Frames Sunglasses


  • Made of durable, flexible, lightweight TR90 thermoplastic
  • Unique aviator style
  • Available in prescription and progressive lenses

Best Glasses for Women with Oval Face Shape

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Amelia E. - Alexis Tortoiseshell

  • Unique oversized cat-eye frame
  • Sleek acetate frame
  • Saddle bridge, dipping browline, rich colors
  • Available in prescription, progressive, and bifocal lenses
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Michelle Square Tortoise Sunglasses

  • Full D-shaped lenses and keyhole nose bridge
  • Vintage-inspired silhouette
  • Large oversized frame
  • High-grade TR90 thermoplastic material
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Troy Browline Black/Golden Sunglasses

  • Full frame with two-tone colorway
  • Variegated texture
  • TR90 thermoplastic lenses

Best Frame Shapes for Oval Faces

Oval faces are considered one of the most versatile face shapes. Many people choose angular, symmetrical frames that compliment your balanced features. However, you can also play with sweeping lines to draw eyes upwards or downwards.

These are the six most popular frame styles for oval faces:

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Square sunglasses are an excellent choice for oval faces. Their symmetrical design naturally compliments the symmetry of your face shape. The sharp angles also provide contrasting edges to softer features. They can also have a slimming effect that many people find attractive.

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Like square frames, rectangular frames add a nice juxtaposition of sharp angles to soft lines. The straighter lines compliment your already proportionate features. They also break up the face structure and can make your face look longer and thinner than square frames.

Ray-Ban 2132 New Wayfarer Tortoise Polarized


Wayfarers are a classic eyewear choice that works with all wardrobes, from casual to professional. These timeless frames, popularized by Ray-Ban have a permanent place in sunglasses style. Their strong, angular browline and rounded bottoms compliment your natural features perfectly. They look great in full-rimmed or semi-rimless options. 

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Aviators are another popular choice. Their teardrop design naturally compliments the oval shape of your face. They draw the eye downwards away from the forehead and towards your high cheekbones or chin. Just be sure to choose an aviator style less wide than your face. If they extend beyond your cheeks it could unbalance your features.

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Cat-eye frames have become very popular, especially among women, in the last few years. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We recommend a browline that is sweeping, but not too wide. It should be about the width of your face. This will work to highlight your features, similarly to aviator sunglasses, but with a more unique, retro style.

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Geometric frames are another trendy style that is rising in popularity. The sharp angles and unique style can provide contrast and balance to an oval face. People with oval face shapes are lucky that they can pull off such unique styles!

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Wrap-around frames are a popular sporty choice. They are great for athletics, providing a large field of vision and a secure, comfortable fit. They also offer better protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays than flatter frames.

Frames to Avoid 

People with oval face shapes can pull off pretty much any look, from small frames to oversized frames. Don’t be afraid to try out new styles and be bold with your sunnies.

However, if the frames are wider than your cheekbones, it could disrupt the natural balance of your features. 

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Examples of Oval Faces with Sunglasses

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