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Best Glasses for Oblong/Rectangular Face Shape

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Oblong faces are sometimes called rectangular. They are long and slender with prominent chins.

Celebrities with oblong faces include: Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Ashlee Simpson, Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, and Cameron Dallas.

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These are the most popular types of glasses for oblong shaped faces:

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Wayfarer
  • Oversized

Thick, angular frames can help balance your soft, curved features. Frames that are wider than your cheekbones add width and balance to your face.

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Do You Have an Oblong Face Shape?

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Oblong faces are similar to square shaped faces in that your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are similar widths.

The defining feature of an oblong face is the length. Your face is longer than it is wide. Most oblong face shapes have a slightly curved chin.

4 Best Glasses for Oblong Faces


Square frames are very popular for oblong faces. The sharp corners provide contrast for soft features. They bring focus to the eyes and provide a midpoint for your long face.

Square frames are versatile and can match any style.

Winston Warby Parker Frames


Rectangular frames add width to a narrow face. They also feature sharp angles to contrast soft features.

Rectangular frames are another popular choice. Their versatility can complement any look from professional to casual and modern to vintage.

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Wayfarer frames have extended temple tips that add width and sharpness. This provides a natural contrast to your narrow, soft features.

Wayfarers are a classic style that is popular among professionals.

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Oversized frames can help balance a long face. Choose a pair that features sharp angles and wide width.

Oversized frames are gaining popularity everywhere. They provide a playful look that can be casual or professional.

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Frames to Avoid

Oval or circular frames can get lost in your long face and tone down your already soft features.

Narrow frames can make your face look even longer than it already is.

Remember, these are just suggestions. Don’t be afraid to try on any pair that you think matches your style!

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How to Determine Your Face Shape

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to determine your face shape.

Measure Your Face

Take a flexible measuring tape and measure different parts of your face. Keep the measuring tape flat when measuring. 

You should measure the following:

  • Face length. This is from the top of your hairline to the lowest part of your chin.
  • Forehead width. This is the widest part of your forehead, around halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline.
  • Cheekbone width. This is the distance between your upper cheeks, the sharp bump below your outer eyes.
  • Jawline. This is the distance from the tip of your chin to just below your ear.

Analyze Your Facial Measurements and Features

You can use this information to determine your face shape and decide which frames will look best on your face.

  • Round. Round faces have equal face lengths and cheekbones. They have rounded chins with softer angles.
  • Square. Square faces are long and narrow. They have wide hairlines and strong jaws.
  • Oval. Oval faces have smaller foreheads than cheekbones. They have wide cheekbones and rounded jaws.
  • Heart. Heart-shaped faces are wider at the top than at the bottom. They have a small chin and a large forehead.
  • Diamond. Diamond faces have cheekbones that are wider than their foreheads and chins. They usually have a pointed chin.
  • Oblong. Oblong (or rectangular) faces are longer than they are wide. They usually have curved chins.

Use Technology to Determine Your Face Shape

Mobile apps and websites can also help you determine your face shape. You can input your measurements to find the perfect pair of glasses.

Here are some apps and websites you can try:

Certain filters on Instagram and TikTok can also help you determine your face shape.

How to Choose a Frame Color

Frame colors can also complement your appearance. Here are some factors to consider when choosing frame colors:

Skin Tone

Skin tones will depend on the amount and type of melanin produced in your skin. People with neutral skin tones will look good with any frame color.

Warm skin tones have green or a greenish blue veins. They look best with warm-colored frames like red, yellow, or orange. 

On the other hand, cool skin tones have blue or purple veins. These skin tones will look great with cool shades like blue, silver, and green.

Neutral colors such as gray, white, or black will suit any skin tone. These colors will not only look great on you, but they are also easy to match with any outfit.

Eye Color

Different eye colors will suit different frame colors.

  • Purple, red, gold, and green frame color will look good on people with green eyes.
  • Classic black and brown frames complement brown eyes. 
  • Green or brown frame colors are great for hazel eyes.
  • Blue, green, or tortoiseshell glasses frame colors will suit blue eyes. 

Hair Color

Most hair colors will look good with black frames. People with black, white, or brown hair look good in different frame colors.

If you have a vibrant hair color, try bright colors as well. They will make your hair stand out more. Pastel or muted colors will suit people with blonde hair. 

5 Best Places to Buy Glasses Online

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Examples of Oblong Faces with Glasses

image 38
image 39
image 40

Where to Buy Glasses

Best Overall: Warby Parker

Fastest Delivery: EyeBuyDirect

Biggest Selection: GlassesUSA

Also Great: Liingo

Best on a Budget: Zenni Optical

Updated on  December 30, 2022
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