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January 13, 2022

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Best Glasses for Square Faces

Finding the perfect pair of glasses can take hours at the optician. Or days if you’re ordering them online and returning them. Especially if you don't know your face shape.

Types of face shapes include:

Learning what styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses go with your face shape can help you find the perfect frames to compliment your natural features.

Everyone deserves a pair of glasses that showcases their style and gives them confidence. Read on to learn more about the best glasses for square shaped faces.

The best glasses for square faces include:

Of course, style is a subjective topic, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The most important thing is to find eyewear that improves your vision, is comfortable to wear, and makes you feel good about yourself.

Do I Have a Square Face Shape?

Remember, not everyone’s facial features fit the “criteria” for a face shape perfectly. Many of us have features that could be considered “square” features or “round” features. The trick is to identify your most prominent features and match them to a face shape.

Square Face Shape - Vision Center

Square faces are characterized by:

  • Angular features
  • A strong horizontal jawline
  • Equal width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw

Square shaped faces tend to have clearly defined, angular jawlines and flat chins. The forehead is broad, usually with a wide hairline. Cheekbones are flatter, and there are few to no curves in your facial features.

What Frame Shapes Look Best on a Square Face?

Typically, thin round frames look great on square faces. Round and oval shapes help to soften angular features and provide balance. They provide a nice gentle contrast from your strong jawline.

Round or Oval Frames

Round or oval glasses are a great first choice for anyone with a square face.

The curves of the frame provide a nice contrast to angular features. Frames that are slightly wider on the sides, or a bit wider than your face can add balanced contradiction to a uniform square shaped face. Thinner metal frames are often a top choice, but colorful or tortoiseshell plastic frames can look great as well.

Browline Frames

Browline frame shapes are rounded at the bottom. They also have a wide browline that can help to slim a broad forehead. Be sure to try a frame that is also slightly rounded at the top.


Cat-eye frames are currently a very popular fashion trend. The upswept browlines provide curves and movement that can complement almost any face shape. Try rounder, less angular cat-eye shapes to start with.

Aviator Frames

Shop Popular Frames for Square Faces

Men's Frames

Women's Frames

Frames to Avoid

Square frames and rectangular frames can look a bit “boxy” on square face types. The sharp angles do little to soften hard angular features.

Remember, this is merely a guide to get you started. The perfect pair of glasses are out there. It’s up to you to find them! 

Examples of Glasses for Square Faces

square face round glasses
Best Glasses for Square Face
glasses for square face
eyeglasses face shape square
square face browline
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