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Where to Order Glasses Online (2024)

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Best Overall: Warby Parker

Runner-Up: Liingo Eyewear

Best Prices: Zenni

Best Selection: GlassesUSA

Fastest Turnaround Time: EyeBuyDirect

Best Return Policy: LookOptic

Many options are available when it comes to buying prescription glasses online. From prescription lenses to frame styles, finding the best place to purchase your eyewear is crucial. 

Different online glasses retailers have various price points and features for customers. Let’s look at some of the top online glasses stores in this article. 

6 Best Places to Order Glasses Online

Best overall: Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an established and respected name in the online glasses space. Their glasses are affordably priced, well-constructed, and stylish, with options for men and women.

What distinguishes Warby Parker is its focus on providing a smooth customer experience from prescription to purchase. Eye exams are available on their site. You can also schedule an appointment at one of their over 150 brick-and-mortar locations. 

Pros and Cons

From our experience, here’s what we like and don’t like about Warby Parker:

What we like:

  • User-friendly website
  • Sunglasses, blue light-filtering, non-prescriptions, and other accessories are also available
  • Strong customer service
  • App available to measure pupillary distance
  • One-year guarantee to replace scratched lenses
  • Reimbursements up to $50 for frame adjustments

What we don’t like:

  • Selection on the limited side — no higher-end brands here
  • 30-day return policy is less than that of other brands
  • Bifocals not available (but progressive lenses are)

Home Try-On Option

Warby Parker is known for their influential At Home Try-On policy. The risk-free policy allows customers five days to try up to five pairs of glasses. This can be good for first-timers who may not know their frame size.  

Frame Selections

Warby Parker has a wide selection of sunglasses, prescription glasses, and contact lenses. They offer different frames and colors to suit your face shape. 

The brand’s frame selection is great for those looking for a stylish and polished look. Since you can try their frames at home, it’s easy to see whether they suit you. 


Warby Parker eyeglasses start at around $95, with payment plans available. This is relatively affordable because shipping and returns are covered. You can also pay with various insurance plans, HSAs, and FSAs. 

Single-vision polycarbonate lenses are also included in the price, with free UV and anti-scratch coating. 

Shipping Info

According to Warby Parker’s Help section, here’s when you can expect your order:

  • Prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses – 7 to 10 days (once your prescription is approved)
  • Non-prescription glasses – 7 to 10 business days for eyeglasses and 5 business days for sunglasses
  • Contact lenses – Most lenses will take 5 to 7 business days, but toric lenses and made-to-order lenses may take longer

What Customers Are Saying

As of writing, Warby Parker has a 2.5 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot. This means that most customers don’t have a great experience with the brand. 

However, WarbyParker still has a handful of positive reviews. This is what customers are saying about this online glasses store:

  • The online try-on feature is very helpful since it helps customers decide whether a pair of glasses suits them
  • Warby Parker offers competitive pricing, so they can still find a good pair of glasses without breaking the bank 
  • Many customers talk about shipping delays, with some experiencing a two-week delivery wait
  • Some have complained about the brand’s durability issues like frames breaking quickly or glasses being scratched easily

Runner-Up: Liingo Eyewear

If you’re interested in affordable and stylish glasses and don’t need a prescription, check out Liingo. Liingo might be called the “new Warby Parker” because, in many ways, they either match or exceed them. 

Here are some things the two sites have in common:

  • An identical At Home Try-On policy (“Five Pairs, Five Days”)
  • High-quality and stylish glasses at affordable prices
  • An intuitive and attractive website
  • Insurance, HSA’s, and FSA’s accepted
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Single-vision polycarbonate lenses included
  • Free AR and UV coatings
  • Prescription-reader app

Pros and Cons

Here’s what we like and don’t like from our Liingo Eyewear experience:

What we like:

  • 60-day free return policy
  • Prices start at $79 (rather than $95)
  • 4-day processing (Warby’s is 7 days)
  • Ability to search by Lens, Bridge, and Arm measurements

What we don’t like:

  • Limited options
  • Liingo also only reimburses $25 for frame adjustments, whereas Warby Parker reimburses $5
  • Only offers online eye exams

Home Try-On Option

Liingo has a similar try-on system as Warby Parker. They allow you to choose five frames you can try on for five days. 

Once you’re done trying on the glasses, simply send the box back with its prepaid shipping label. This try-on feature is free as well. 

Frame Selections

Liingo Eyewear provides different collection options for customers. Their website lists the following:

  • Modern Mattes
  • Classic Styles
  • Popular Sunnies
  • Radient Gradients

They also have limited edition frames that vary in style and color.


Liingo follows a simple pricing model. Their frames are $79, $99, or $129 each. The cost will increase depending on your upgrades. 

Some upgrades, such as scratch resistance, anti-glare, and 100% UV protection, are free. However, lens upgrades can cost up to $149. 

Shipping Info

It takes around two weeks for Liingo to ship your order after they receive your prescription. Shipping is free.

If you prefer receiving your eyewear earlier than two weeks, you can upgrade to priority shipping for a fee. Just select priority shipping when you checkout your eyewear.

What Customers Are Saying

Liingo currently has a 3.4 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot. Reviews are mixed throughout different platforms, showing positive and negative feedback.

This is what customers have to say about Liingo:

  • Liingo has helpful customer service, so interested customers can easily get the help they need
  • The brand’s virtual try-on feature allows customers to decide whether certain frames look good on them
  • A few customers experienced a lengthy process of getting prescription glasses from Liingo
  • People with high-index prescriptions received thick lenses, so they didn’t like how the glasses looked on them

Best Prices: Zenni Optical

Zenni is a popular and well-reviewed outlet that offers various budget-friendly glasses. Billing themselves as “trendy, not spendy,” some Zenni pairs can be had for as little as $12. 

Aside from price, Zenni’s site offers greater search abilities. Unlike Warby Parker, Zenni can sort by price, prescription, measurements, and face shape. 

Zenni is not the best option for beginners. However, they’re worth a look for experienced buyers looking for a cheap second pair. 

Pros and Cons

Here’s what we like and don’t like about our Zenni Optical ordering experience:

What we like:

  • Free single-vision lenses
  • Free UV and AR coatings
  • Free scratch repairs
  • In contrast to Warby Parker, they also offer bifocals
  • Offers useful educational material on topics on their website, such as pupillary distance and how to choose the right lens

What we don’t like:

  • Zenni will fully refund you if you return a pair within thirty days — but only for store credit; cash refunds are 50% 
  • Only offers virtual try-ons
  • Insurance plans, HSA’s, and FSA’s are not accepted
  • No designer frames
  • No free shipping and longer turnaround time (shipping costs $4.95, and delivery takes 2 to 3 weeks) 

Home Try-On Option

You can also try on your Zenni Optical glasses from the comfort of your own home. However, you don’t receive your desired frames in the mail. The try-on feature all happens online.

You can visualize how the glasses look on you through your desktop or phone camera. 

To use the virtual try-on, record a 5-second video of your face. Then, you’ll be asked to place a credit card-sized plastic card against your forehead. This helps ensure the precise fitting of your virtual glasses.

Zenni Optical also has an analyzer to help you decide which frames suit your face shape. 

Frame Selection

Zenni Optical’s frame selection is very extensive. Their website is designed so you can browse through hundreds of frames with different designs, colors, and lenses. 

For instance, Zenni offers a whole collection dedicated to athleisure glasses. Whether you participate in low-impact sports or high-intensity activities, they have a pair of glasses for you.

They even have frame collaborations with celebrities like Keke Palmer and sports teams like the San Fransisco 49ers. 


Zenni has a diverse range of price points, so you can easily find an option that fits your budget. Their glasses usually go up to an average of $50.

You can also browse their “Glasses Under $30” category for more affordable finds. 

Shipping Info

For the United States, Zenni Optical offers the following shipping options:

  • $4.95 for 7-14 business days
  • $15.00 for 5-10 business days

What Customers Are Saying

Zenni Optical has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot as of writing. This means most customers have an excellent experience of buying glasses from them.

Here’s what customers are saying about Zenni:

  • Customers praise Zenni’s customer service since they received timely responses regarding their questions and inquiries
  • The brand offers a wide range of styles, and customers can easily browse through the website to find their perfect pair
  • Zenni offers affordable frames, which is great for those with more expensive prescriptions like progressive lenses
  • Despite the good reviews, some customers still experience issues like sizing problems and inaccurate bi-focal placement

Best Selection: GlassesUSA

If choice is important to you, check out GlassesUSA. With over 7,000 frames and various brands for sale, this site has something for everyone.

Many well-known sunglasses brands are available here, such as Ray-Ban, Gucci, and Oakley. 

Pros and Cons

Here’s what we like and don’t like about Glasses USA:

What we like:

  • The site features an online Prescription Scanner, allowing you to match the right glasses to your prescription
  • Free Home Try-On option with some pairs, making it a possible option for new eyewear consumers
  • Virtual try-on feature
  • 365-day warranty with free shipping and returns

What we don’t like:

  • Returns are accepted within only fourteen days for a full refund. It also only applies to first-time returns. 
  • UV and anti-scratch coatings cost extra
  • Average turnaround times are longer

Home-Try On Option

GlassesUSA also offers a try-on option, but it’s not as advanced as the other brands mentioned above. 

When browsing for frames, click the “Live Try On” button. This option allows you to upload or take a selfie on the website. 

Once you upload your selfie, you can adjust the frames to see how the glasses look on you. 

Frame Selection

GlassesUSA’s frame selection is also great. They’re one of the largest online prescription glasses retailers. You can search through hundreds of frame styles and easily find one that suits you.

What sets the brand apart from the previously mentioned brands is that they offer an excellent selection of designer glasses. 

You can choose from designer brands like Prada, Gucci, and Burberry on their website. 


Like Zenni, GlassesUSA lets you filter by price. The prices on here go anywhere from $6 to $353. Eyeglasses can also be purchased with vision insurance, FSA, and HSA, further helping with affordability. 

Shipping Info

GlassesUSA has different shipping options available at checkout. These are the options and prices for USA shipping:

  • Standard. Free for 7-10 business days
  • Expedited. $9.95 for 5-7 business days
  • Express. $12.95 for 3-5 business days

What Customers Are Saying

As of writing, GlassesUSA has a 4.4 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot. Most GlassesUSA customers have a more than satisfactory experience with ordering from the brand. 

Here’s what customers are saying:

  • Customers like how there’s a vast selection of frames available at affordable prices
  • GlassesUSA’s website is easy to navigate, so it’s easy for customers to find the glasses they want to purchase
  • Some customers experience slow shipping and delivery times
  • In some cases, there are technical issues with payment and ordering, which is an inconvenience to customers

Fastest Turnaround Time: EyeBuyDirect

For those who need a replacement pair of glasses as soon as possible, EyeBuyDirect is a good option. This is another budget-friendly outlet, with over 1,000 frames and men’s, women’s, and kids’ options available. 

Pros and Cons

This is what we like and don’t like from EyeBuyDirect:

What we like:

  • Excellent turnaround times – for a $19 fee, they promise a two-day delivery window
  • Offers both bifocal and progressive lenses in both their eye and sunglasses
  • Free returns within 14 days of receiving your order

What we don’t like:

  • Virtual try-on only
  • No app or webcam measuring tool for measuring PD
  • Free shipping only for orders of $99 or more

Home Try-On

EyeBuyDirect lets you see what their frames look like on you in real time using your camera. 

You can hover on the “Try On” button for some glasses. You can upload a video if you don’t see yourself in the camera.  EyeBuyDirect will use this video to render your frames on your face.

The try-on feature is also helpful if you’re shopping for other people. You can upload a picture of the person and see how the frames look on them.

Frame Selection

You can choose from over 6,000 frame styles from EyeBuyDirect. However, their selection isn’t as comprehensive as other retailers like GlassesUSA and Zenni Optical. 

EyeBuyDirect also offers premium brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley.


You can score frames on EyeBuyDirect for as low as $6. Except for the premium brands they offer, EyeBuyDirect does all their own design and manufacturing. This allows them to save on price.

Shipping Info

EyeBuyDirect’s website shows you can receive your orders within 7 to 14 business days. The shipping time will vary depending on your order’s complexity.

Shipping for EyeBuyDirect is free for orders over $119.

What Customers Are Saying

EyeBuyDirect currently has a 4.3 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot. Customers usually have a great experience ordering their glasses from this company. 

Here’s the customer feedback for EyeBuyDirect:

  • Most customers find buying glasses from EyeBuyDirect easy and convenient
  • EyeBuyDirect has a good selection of glasses for an affordable price
  • Some customers experienced a poor checkout experience while ordering their glasses
  • There are a few people who received broken glasses in the mail

Best Return Policy: LookOptic

LookOptic designs its glasses with uniquely bendable arms called “wire-core temples.” This allows you to adjust them without ever taking them into a shop.

If you’re interested in something a bit different, check out LookOptic.

Pros and Cons

Here’s what we like and don’t like about our LookOptic experience:

What we like:

  • Generous 90-day risk-free trial period
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 2-day shipping ($10.20)
  • A portion of the proceeds from each purchase is donated to Charity: Water

What we don’t like:

  • Relative lack of filter options on their site
  • Site doesn’t have useful tools like a prescription analyzer app, eye exam, or PD checker

Home Try-On

LookOptic has a virtual mirror feature on its website. This feature allows users to see which frames are right for them.

You’ll turn on your camera, and the virtual mirror will project frames on your face. 

Frame Selections

What sets LookOptic apart is its frames made from recycled materials. They have four different categories of frames and lenses:

  • Readers
  • Progressives
  • Blue light
  • Sun readers


LookOptic offers a variety of chic-looking readers, blue light-blockers, and reader-sunglasses, costing $68, $78, and $88, respectively. They’re available in a variety of colors and magnification options. 

Shipping Info

According to LookOptic’s website, most orders in the continental US will arrive within 5 days. You can also opt for 2-day shipping, available for $10.

What Customers Are Saying

LookOptic only has a few reviews at this time. Currently, their TrustPilot rating is 2.7 stars out of 5. This may indicate that many customers are unsatisfied with their products and services.

Here’s what they’re saying:

  • Customers experienced excellent customer service from LookOptic’s team
  • LookOptic’s glasses are generally comfortable 
  • Many customers have complaints about the company’s shipping, with many of them experiencing delays
  • Others find that they’re being overcharged than the listed price

Where to Buy Glasses + Contacts

Best Overall: Warby Parker

Fastest Delivery: EyeBuyDirect

Also Great: Liingo

Best Place to Buy Contacts: Discount Contacts

Why Trust Us?

The Vision Center team spends hundreds of hours researching and writing every review page. We scour the internet and base all of our recommendations on:

  • Customer reviews. Our team goes through customer reviews to see what customers are saying about different brands and products
  • Product details and specifications. We review details from manufacturers to make sure that our reviews are accurate and up-to-date
  • Company reputation and reports. Our team also evaluates brands based on their history, customer service policies, and other factors
  • Contemporary scholarly articles. Vision Center spends hours reading contemporary scholarly articles to get a better understanding of vision health 

Every review is then edited for medical accuracy by our medical reviewer, Dr. Melody Huang, O.D.

How to Buy Glasses Online

Here are some things to keep in mind when you buy glasses online: 

Try-on Policy

Getting an exact fit for your glasses the first time can be difficult. Some retailers offer At Home Try-On, allowing you to try on up to five pairs free of charge. Other stores allow you to try on glasses virtually.


Glasses can vary widely in price, sometimes being quite expensive. However, some retailers offer competitive prices. Some also let you purchase through your vision insurance or an FSA or HSA card.


Some retailers have a wide variety of types, models, and brands of glasses. Build quality can also vary between brands.

Check the brand’s selection of glasses to see what they can offer.  

Return Policy 

If you’re unsatisfied with your glasses, how long do you have to return them? Do you receive your full money back or store credit? This is a big help if you need to return your glasses. 

User Experience 

User experience is another factor to consider when you buy glasses from online retailers. Well-designed and easy-to-navigate websites allow you to get what you need. 

Check whether they have features and tools that assist customers so you can find the perfect pair of glasses.

Prescription Verification

You must check the brand’s prescription verification process to buy prescription glasses online. Some brands allow you to input your prescription into their site, while others require you to send a copy of your prescription.


Buying glasses online is becoming increasingly popular. This list will ensure you get the right pair of glasses from the best retailer. 

Before buying from online glasses retailers, you should consider various factors first. Doing so lets you get the perfect pair of glasses at the right price.

Best Places to Buy Glasses

Best Overall

Warby Parker has stylish, high-quality frames at affordable prices.

Also Great

Liingo Eyewear is another great option to buy glasses online.

Best on a Budget

EyeBuyDirect has a wide variety of budget frames starting at $6.

Best Places to Buy Contacts

Best Overall

Discount Contacts is our #1 recommendation to buy contacts online.

glasses usa logo
Also Great

GlassesUSA has a huge selection of contacts, glasses, & sunglasses.

Updated on  February 7, 2024
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Updated on  February 7, 2024
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