Horn Rimmed Glasses

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Horn rimmed frames have been a staple element of fashion for decades. In the past, they were actually made from animal horns, ivory, or tortoiseshell. Nowadays, they are usually made from plastic (acetate) or metal materials.

Horn rimmed glasses get their name partly from their original material. However, they have kept the name due to their definitive “horned” look. Their distinctive look is characterized by extended endpieces and accented hinges.

Top Picks for Men

Top Picks for Women

One of the most popular adaptations of horn-rimmed glasses is the classic clubmaster style (popularized by Ray-Ban).

Horn rimmed glasses have been worn by celebrities, intellectuals, and fashion icons for decades. From Malcolm X to Buddy Holly, from Jay-Z to the cast of Mad Men, horn rimmed eyewear are known for their “stylish intellectual” appearance.

Who Looks Good in Horn Rimmed Glasses?

Horn rimmed frames are a versatile style of eyeglasses. However, they are designed to stand out. The frames are often thicker and larger (oversized) than other styles. They can be plastic, metal, or mixed-material frames.

Their extended browline can have a few visual effects on your face. The extended end pieces can widen your forehead. This provides balance for certain face shapes. The bottom of the frames are rounded, which can help soften linear, or “sharp,” facial features.

Horn rimmed eyewear tends to look best on these face shapes:

However, these guidelines are not set in stone. Horn rimmed glasses are a great choice for anyone who is looking for a bold look and thick frames. If you’re curious about how you’d look in horn-rimmed eyeglasses, you can download the Warby Parker App and use their Virtual Try-On feature. (Only available on iPhone X or above).

Where to Buy Glasses + Contacts

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Best Men’s Horn Rimmed Glasses

Warby Parker Ames Frames

With a bold browline and generous width, Ames transitions easily from mornings in the quad to nights on the town.

Warby Parker Landon Frames

Landon is as goes-with-anything-and-everything as it gets. Its angled end pieces, downturned square lenses, and shiny Graduated Rivets are all wrapped up in one ’70s-inspired shape.

Warby Parker Halton Frames

Halton's quiet confidence comes from its distinguished features: a mid-century acetate silhouette (with an angular bottom!), Art Deco-inspired metal temples, sleek temple tips, and a Graduated Rivet design.

Best Women’s Horn Rimmed Glasses

Warby Parker Faye Frames

Faye packs poise and flourish into a roundish (and roomy) cat-eye shape that lets the layered acetate really shine.

Warby Parker Maren Frames

With slightly upturned lenses, slim temple arms, and our Graduated Rivet design, Maren is a feminine, understated cat-eye.

Warby Parker Jayla Frames

Jayla draws inspiration from a few of our favorite design eras, with its roomy mid-century acetate silhouette, Art Deco-inspired metal temples, sleek temple tips, and Graduated Rivet design.

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Warby Parker has stylish, high-quality frames at affordable prices.

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