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Horn Rimmed Glasses

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The horn-rimmed frame has been a staple in fashion for decades. In the past, these were made from animal horns, ivory, or tortoiseshell. These iconic frames boast modern durability and comfort with their construction, often featuring thick plastics (acetate) or metal.

Despite the material shift, they have retained their name thanks to their iconic "horned" appearance. Extended end pieces and accented hinges characterize their distinctive look.

But though they're often a sign of intelligence, horn-rimmed glasses have also become a symbol of style. For men and women alike, they can add a hint of sophistication to an outfit or evoke nostalgia for vintage fashion.

Benefits of Horn Glasses

Horn-rimmed eyeglasses offer a host of advantages. They're incredibly durable and lightweight, making them comfortable for long hours.

They're also incredibly versatile, coming in many different shapes and sizes. There's an option for everyone; no matter your face shape, you can find a pair of horn-rimmed glasses that suit you best.

Finally, they look great on anyone. Whether you prefer a semi-rimless or round frame, horn-rimmed glasses can add an element of sophistication and style to any look.

Top Picks for Men

Top Picks for Women

The classic clubmaster style is a highly popular adaptation of horn-rimmed glasses, famously popularized by Ray-Ban.

Horn-rimmed glasses have been a favorite among celebrities, intellectuals, and fashion icons for generations. These influential figures include the likes of Malcolm X, Buddy, the US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, and Holly.

Even famous figures like Jay-Z, the cast of Mad Men, and Woody Allen have worn it, establishing itself as a symbol of style and intellect.

Where to Buy Glasses + Contacts

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Who Looks Good in Horn-Rimmed Glasses?

Horn-rimmed eyewear tends to look best on these face shapes:

Their extended brow line can have a few visual effects on your face. It widens your forehead, creating a balanced look for most face shapes, while the rounded bottom frames soften and complement sharp or linear facial features.

Horn-rimmed frames are a versatile style of eyeglasses. They truly make a statement with their thicker, more prominent design. Whether you prefer plastic, metal, or a combination of materials, horn-rimmed glasses will catch your attention.

So, if you're searching for a daring look and thick frames, horn-rimmed glasses are the perfect choice. See how they suit you with the Warby Parker App's Virtual Try-On feature—exclusively available on iPhone X or above.

Fashion and Styling Tips

With its versatile styling options, you can confidently add this classic piece of eyewear to your wardrobe. Here are some ideas for wearing them:

  • Casual: Pair them with a simple tee and jeans for a versatile look that works in all seasons. A fitted blazer or light jacket can also help you achieve a casual yet sophisticated look.
  • Dressy: Wear a dress shirt and pants with horn-rimmed frames for a sharp, stylish appearance for special occasions or formal events. Add a tie or bowtie to complete your look.
  • Vintage: Channel your inner Buddy Holly and wear a vintage shirt, tapered trousers, and loafers with these stylish frames. Finish off the look with a felt hat for a timeless appearance.

Best Men’s Horn Rimmed Glasses

Warby Parker Ames Frames

With a bold brow line and generous width, Ames transitions easily from mornings on the quad to nights on the town.

Warby Parker Landon Frames

Landon is as go-with-the-flow as it gets. Its angled end pieces, down-turned square lenses, and shiny Graduated Rivets are all wrapped in one ’70s-inspired shape.

Warby Parker Halton Frames

Halton's quiet confidence comes from its outstanding features: a mid-century acetate silhouette with an angular bottom, Art Deco-inspired metal temples, sleek temple tips, and a Graduated Rivet design.

Best Women’s Horn Rimmed Glasses

Warby Parker Faye Frames

Faye packs poise and flourishes into a roundish, roomy, cat-eye shape that lets the layered acetate shine.

Warby Parker Maren Frames

Maren is a feminine, understated cat-eye with slightly upturned lenses, slim temple arms, and a Graduated Rivet design.

Warby Parker Jayla Frames

Jayla has a roomy mid-century acetate silhouette, Art Deco-inspired metal temples, sleek temple tips, and a Graduated Rivet style.

Sunglasses Version of Horned Rimmed Glasses

Horn-rimmed sunglasses are the way for those looking for a modern twist. They offer the same level of protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays as regular sunglasses but with an extra dose of style.

The lenses are slightly thicker than regular sunglasses and come in several colors, such as classic black or trendy tortoiseshell. They also often feature a frame that wraps around the eyes for extra protection, making them perfect for outdoor activities or long drives.

Moreover, these sunglasses are trendy among fashion-forward people. Think Kate Moss on a yacht, Pharell Williams at a music festival, Sofia Richie at a summer party, and Leonardo Dicaprio on the red carpet—all sporting trendy horn-rimmed sunglasses.

So, check out horn-rimmed sunglasses to stand out from the crowd with a unique and bold look. Just choose a pair with function in mind. Pick one that fits your face shape and provides the correct level of UV protection. Then, enjoy the sun in style.

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Updated on  July 17, 2023
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