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LASIK surgery is one of the fastest-growing medical procedures in the United States. It is virtually pain-free, can be performed in around 15 minutes, and can improve your vision significantly. Here is a collection of frequently asked questions and guides to help you figure out if you’re a qualified candidate and what to expect from the LASIK procedure.

LASIK Complications & Risks

Hundreds of thousands of LASIK surgeries are performed each year. Nearly all go as planned with little to no complications. However, as with any surgery, there are potential risks involved with the surgery.  Certain preexisting conditions or eye features could increase the risk of an undesirable outcome or decrease the limits of the success of LASIK surgery. 

Requirements for LASIK

Most people qualify as a potential candidate for LASIK surgery. However, certain conditions must be met. What makes a patient a good candidate for LASIK surgery? 

Who Is A Candidate for LASIK?

Most refractive errors can be corrected by LASIK. There are certain preexisting conditions or anatomical features that may increase a patient’s risks for complications. If this is the case, a surgeon may advise against LASIK surgery.

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Is LASIK Safe?

The short answer: yes. Millions of LASIK operations have been performed with minimal side effects. With the technology constantly advancing, and strict statutes in place to guarantee the safety and quality of each procedure, LASIK is a safe and effective option to correct your vision.

How Long Does LASIK Last?

LASIK's effects will depend on your age and how your eye conditions progress after the surgery. Most people who have had LASIK for 10 years remain happy with their vision, while some people need retreatment over 10 years later.

Types of Vision

20/20 means you have good visual acuity, but that's not the only thing that affects the overall quality of your vision. Find out what else determines how well you see here.

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