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What Are Clip-On Sunglasses?

Clip-on sunglasses clip onto your regular prescription glasses. They offer protection for your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Clip-on glasses are less expensive than prescription sunglasses and allow you to get sun protection and comfort without removing your normal prescription glasses.

Clip-ons are available in different tints, sizes, and shapes, so you don’t need to worry about them not fitting onto or matching your existing pair of glasses. They also offer varying levels of UV protection. Clip-on glasses usually attach using a clip by the nose bridge, but some styles use a magnet attachment.

There are many different styles of clip-on sunglasses, including:

  • Rectangle clip-on sunglasses
  • Oval clip-on sunglasses
  • Round clip-on sunglasses
  • Square clip-on sunglasses
  • Rimless clip-on sunglasses
  • Magnetic clip-on sunglasses
  • Polarized clip-on sunglasses

Benefits of Clip-on Sunglasses

  • Clip-on sunglasses offer a variety of benefits, including:
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • UV protection
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Variety of coatings (anti-glare, etc.)

Do Clip-On Sunglasses Actually Work?

Yes. Clip-on glasses provide the same protection as other types of sunglasses, but they must be properly fitted. If they are not the same shape and size as your regular glasses the level of protection is affected. It’s also important to choose clip-ons that offer the maximum level of UV protection (400).

Clip-On Sunglasses Over Prescription Glasses

You wear clip-on sunglasses over regular prescription glasses. This means you don’t need to remove your regular glasses to attach clip-on sun protection. This is especially convenient if you are driving or you have your hands full and suddenly need to change to sunglasses. 

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Prescription Sunglasses vs. Clip-On Sunglasses

Many people prefer clip-on sunglasses to prescription glasses because they only need to worry about wearing one pair of glasses. They might favor their prescription glasses and want to wear those, but need sun protection. Some people find their eyes need time to adjust when they switch between pairs of glasses. Wearing clip-ons alleviates this issue.

In other cases, choosing clip-on sunglasses over prescription glasses is a matter of price. Clip-ons are much cheaper than prescription sunglasses.

Some people prefer prescription glasses to clip-ons because they find clip-ons bulky or they are prone to losing their clip-on attachment. 

Whether you choose clip-on sunglasses over prescription sunglasses is a matter of personal preference.

6 Popular Brands of Clip-On Sunglasses

plaks unisex sunglasses

Splaks Unisex Sunglasses

Splaks clip-on sunglasses are some of the best-reviewed glasses on the market. These glasses provide UV 400 protection (the highest level available). They are ideal for active people who like outdoor activities, including sports, hiking, and cycling. 

Splaks offers both plastic and wire-rim style frames and can flip up while still attached. This makes it convenient to transition from sun to shade or indoors to outdoors without removing your clip-on sunglasses.

costyle retro sunglasses

COSTYLE Retro Sunglasses

COSTYLE clip-on sunglasses offer the maximum level of UV protection. People love them because they are stylish and come in a variety of options. They feature sturdy metal frames and fit securely to your regular prescription glasses.

easyclip sunglasses

EasyClip Sunglasses

EasyClip clip-ons were the first brand on the market to offer the magnetic clip attachment feature that is ten times stronger than other types of magnets. These glasses have a seamless fit, which means you don’t need to worry about gaps. This makes the protection offered by the glasses very effective. EasyClips are great for outdoor activities as well as everyday wear.

flip up sunglasses

Flip Up Sunglasses

Flip Up Sunglasses offer protection, comfort, and convenience. These glasses come with level UV 400 protection. They attach to the frame of your regular glasses and can be flipped up and down without removing them. It’s important to measure your existing glasses to make sure you choose the right size and fit when purchasing Flip Up Sunglasses.

rayban clip on sunglasses

Ray-Ban Clip-On Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is one of the best-loved brands of sunglasses on the market. Their traditional sunglasses have been popular for decades and their clip-on glasses are also worn by many. 

Ray-Ban wearers don’t need to worry about having to switch to another brand if they want the convenience and comfort of clip-ons. You can enjoy the classic look of aviator sunglasses without sacrificing comfort or safety. Ray-Ban clip-on sunglasses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. They offer polarized anti-glare protection.

solar shield clip on sunglasses

Solar Shield Clip-On Sunglasses

SolarShield clip-on sunglasses are one of the most highly recommended brands by optometrists. They’ve long been the best-selling clip-on brand for more than a quarter of a century for this reason. Solar Shield offers protection, style, and convenience with its affordable clip-on glasses.

These are just a few of the wide variety of clip-on sunglasses available on the market today. If you are thinking of making the switch to clip-ons or you’ve recently begun wearing eyeglasses or needed an updated prescription, clip-ons are a great option for transitioning your regular glasses to sunglasses.

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