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Best Sunglasses for Women

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Sunglasses are essential in protecting our eyes from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Long-term exposure to sunlight can cause eye damage, such as cataract formation and cancers of the eyelid (basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma).

smiling cheerful mixed race woman wearing sunglasses

To protect your eyes from UV rays, remember these tips when shopping for the best sunglasses for women:

  • Look for the “blocks 100% of UV rays” sticker or tag
  • Oversized glasses offer better protection
  • Darker lenses don’t necessarily protect better
  • Lens color does not matter with UV protection
  • Polarized lenses don’t protect against UV rays (they cut glare)

Sunglasses are also an important part of a woman’s outfit. Whether you’re looking for high-fashion or sensible sunglasses, many styles and shapes are available to protect your eyes from sun damage.


Best Classic Style

Ray-Ban is a popular brand of eyewear known for its high-quality and classic aviator sunglasses. All their sunglasses have UV protection. 

Ray Bans have a large selection of sunglasses for women, including various shapes, sizes, and styles. They offer unique collections with other high-end brands such as Ferrari and Disney. 

Lenses can be customized to fit your needs, including:

  • Prescription lenses. Add your prescription to any frame.
  • Digital lifestyle lenses. Filters blue light and minimizes yellow tint.
  • Dynamic lifestyle lenses. Transition lenses that block 100% for the sun and filter blue light.

Lady Burbank

Ray Ban RB2299 Lady Burbank

Jackie Ohh II

Ray Ban 4098 Jackie Ohh II

Where to Buy Sunglasses

Biggest Selection: GlassesUSA

Fastest Delivery: EyeBuyDirect

Best Independent Retailer: Warby Parker

Warby Parker

Best Prescription Sunglasses

Warby Parker offers great prices, great style, and a great cause. For every pair of glasses they sell, they donate a pair to a person in need. 

They design their glasses in-house and sell directly to the customer. All their sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and automatically come with scratch- and glare-resistant coating. 

All frames and lenses can be customized with your prescription. Frames can also be tried on at home. Pick numerous pairs you like, and they’ll mail them to you for free to try on. They also offer a virtual try-on feature. 


WB harris


WP Raider

Amelia E.

Most Luxurious  

Amelia E. sunglasses are designed with Hollywood glamor in mind. They have a unique design that embodies high fashion and luxury. 

Frames come in all shapes and sizes and a variety of colors and patterns, including classic oversized sunglasses. You can also choose from several different metal frames such as metal, plastic, and stainless steel. 

Most Amelia E. sunglasses are prescription eligible. 

Amelia E. Starlet

Amelia starlet

Amelia E. Duchess

Amelia E. Duchess


Most Fashionable 

Ottoto frames are inspired by Italian design and offer a unique fashionable style to elevate your look. 

The Ottoto style exhibits a smaller, rounder frame that looks stylish and trendy. Frames come in a variety of colors and metals. 

You can customize your Ottoto frames to fit your prescription. 

Ottoto Morse 

Ottoto Morse

Ottoto Del Potro

Ottoto Del Potro


Best Vintage

Muse sunglasses combine a vintage look with a contemporary style. 

They come in various shapes and sizes that will give your outfit retro vibes. Colors range from classic black to extravagant purple.

Muse lenses are prescription eligible. 

Muse Granada 

Muse Granada

Muse M2014

Muse M2014


Most Timeless Design

Coach is a well-known, high-end brand that mixes attitude and retro with classic style. Coach is known for its timeless designs and luxury statements.

Coach sunglasses tend to have bigger lenses that protect the face and eyes from UV rays. Colors tend to be classic and muted, but a few frames offer bolder colors. 

Coach HC8352

Coach HC8352

Coach HC8314

Coach HC8314


Most Unique

Persol, which translates to “for the sun,” is a high-end Italian eyeglass brand that has been around since 1917. The signature VictorFlex sword pieces give Persol their flexibility. 

Persol’s unique style is rooted in its flagship 649 frame style that included the “3-notch bridge” Meflecto system that became popular among the Hollywood crowd back in the 1960s. 

Today, Persol frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes but still contain the signature sword icons they’re known for. 

Persol PO3108S

Persol PO3108S

Persol P03269S

Persol PO3269S

Quay Australia


Quay Australia eyewear prides itself on making you feel like the biggest, boldest version of yourself. 

Quay sunglasses come in a variety of styles ranging from classic and retro (think cat eye sunglasses) to trendy. Bold colors make these sunglasses fun and hip. 

Many of Quay’s bestsellers are available for prescription. Virtually try them on before you buy. 

After Hours


Level Up



Most Stylish 

Vogue sunglasses offer young, hip, and stylish frame designs that complete your look without breaking the bank. The Vogue brand is geared toward the younger crowd.  

They currently have the Hailey Bieber X Vogue Eyewear Collection that includes a variety of styles and frame designs. 

VO5440S-Hailey Bieber




Michael Kors

Most Feminine 

Michael Kors is a staple of high-fashion and sleek, simple design. 

Michael Kors sunglasses offer a feminine touch with a classic feel and timeless style similar to his clothing line. 

Frames come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Most frames are also eligible for prescriptions. 

Michael Kors MK2137U Anaheim

Michael Kors MK2137U Anaheim

Michael Kors MK2149U Geneva

Michael Kors MK2149U Geneva


Most Sporty

Oakley sunglasses are known as sports sunglasses. They are stylish and durable sunglasses, and they can withstand abuse during outdoor activities. 

Oakley sunglasses also filter UV rays directly through the lenses rather than a protective coating, ensuring eye safety if the glasses get scratched. 

Not all frames are prescription eligible. 

Oakley OO9222 Pasque

Oakley OO9222 Pasque

Oakley OO9265 Latch

Oakley OO9265 Latch

Saint Laurent

Most Sophisticated 

Saint Laurent is a high-end fashion brand that embodies sophistication. Saint Laurent sunglasses are designed to make you look good with high-class professional frames. They’re also expensive.

Their styles are unique and come in a variety of shapes and metals. Colors range from classic to bold. Most frames are prescription eligible. 

Saint Laurent SL 384

Saint Laurent SL 384

Saint Laurent SL 28

Saint Laurent SL 28


Most Fashion Forward

Prada is known for combining minimalist design with a modern influence. Prada sunglasses are designed with high-quality materials and innovative designs. 

Prada is a luxury brand, which is reflected in the price. The bold, thick design gives Prada sunglasses their signature look. 

Most frames are prescription eligible. 

Prada PR 21XS

Prada PR 21XS

Prada PR 58WS

Prada PR 58WS


Most Affordable 

Knockaround prides itself on being both a great value and creative, offering loud, bold, and fun frames that highlight your style on a budget. 

You can customize the colors of each frame to give you a unique, one-of-a-kind pair of sunglasses. It also offers quality frames for outdoor activities (fishing, hiking, golf, etc).

Knockaround sunglasses are not prescription eligible, but they offer a blue light protection lens option. 

Paso Robles


Mai Tais Watermelon Geode



Best Frame Selection

Zenni Optical created an eyewear brand that offers “Eyewear to Everyone.” The goal of Zenni is to make affordable glasses look great. 

Zenni has a large variety of frames to choose from, including all sizes, shapes, and styles. Their sunglasses have UV protection and most can be customized with a prescription. 


Azalea 4446535

Square Glasses 

Square Glasses 270421


Best Value

Eyebuydirect is a wholesale online eyewear shop that sells a wide variety of women’s sunglasses in various brands. It is a one-stop shop for eyewear. 

They offer sunglasses at every price point, and most of them can be customized to fit your prescription. If you’re looking for the best value, try Eyebuydirect.

Arnette AN4303 Poll-Ock




Best Places to Buy Glasses

Best Overall

Warby Parker has stylish, high-quality frames at affordable prices.

Also Great

Liingo Eyewear is another great option to buy glasses online.

Best on a Budget

EyeBuyDirect has a wide variety of budget frames starting at $6.

Best Places to Buy Contacts

Best Overall

Discount Contacts is our #1 recommendation to buy contacts online.

glasses usa logo
Also Great

GlassesUSA has a huge selection of contacts, glasses, & sunglasses.

Updated on  February 5, 2024
2 sources cited
Updated on  February 5, 2024
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