Do Babies Need Sunglasses?

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Why Should Babies Wear Sunglasses?

Babies’ eyes should be protected from the sun with glasses that offer 100 percent UVA protection. 

Most long-term damage to eyes from UV rays links to cumulative exposure. Cumulative exposure refers to how much our eyes are exposed to sunlight and other UV radiation during our lifetime. Shielding your baby’s eyes from UV as early on as possible is a sensible idea.

The lens inside your baby’s eyes allows more solar radiation to reach the retina than the lens of an adult eye. Ensuring your baby wears protective eyewear reduces the risk of macular degeneration later in life that could lead to permanent vision loss.

For added sun protection, it’s also good to buy a hat featuring a wide brim for your baby to wear outdoors. A sun hat will help protect their delicate skin as well as their eyes. You should also always apply sunscreen to your baby when spending time outdoors.

Baby and toddler sunglasses can be challenging to keep on children. Unless your child is impressively cooperative, baby sunglasses are not particularly practical. Many kids will pull off baby sunglasses at the first chance they can get. 

For the best chances of keeping sunglasses on your child, purchase sun protection eyewear specifically designed for babies.

Visit an optician with expertise in fitting baby shades for the best possible comfort and sizing for your child.

Benefits of Baby Sunglasses

There are many benefits to baby sunglasses. These include:

  • UV protection
  • UVB protection
  • UVA protection
  • Protects eye health
  • Shatter proof
  • Reduces the risk of eye damage or disease
  • Stylish

Sunglasses protect our eyes from damaging ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet light relates to the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. It can also cause abnormal growths on or around the eye, such as pingueculae and pterygia.

Up to 25 percent of the UV damage harming our eyes in our life occurs by the age of 18. This is because babies and children have much clearer lenses. Eyes of babies and children can transmit 70 percent more UV rays than that of adults.

By protecting your children with baby sunglasses, the risk of eye damage or disease reduces.

Best Baby Sunglasses

Any baby sunglasses you choose should offer 100 percent UVA/UVB protection. Ideally, they should feature lightweight polycarbonate lenses and a rubber frame. Polycarbonate lenses are comfortable for your baby’s head and are also shatterproof.

Babies don’t like to wear glasses and are likely to grab and play with their sunglasses. They could quickly end up on the ground. 

However, an adjustable strap can hold them comfortably and firmly in place. As long as the kids' sunglasses aren’t too tight, they shouldn’t bother your baby. An adjustable strap just means it will be harder for your baby to pull the glasses off.

When choosing baby sunglasses, check how much UVA, UVC, and UVB protection they offer.

UVA rays are damaging to the skin, but can also reach the eye’s lens and retina. UVA rays lead to sunburn and reach below the outer layers of the skin.

UVB rays are harmful to the retina and the front of the eye with overexposure and limited sun protection.

UVC rays are the most dangerous but do not reach the surface of our earth due to absorption in the atmosphere.

UVC rays can also come from certain man-made sources, such as UV sanitizing bulbs, arc welding torches, and mercury lamps.

Baby Banz

Banz has been helping parent’s protect their baby’s eyes, skin, and ears for 20 years. The Baby Banz original Australian sunglasses feature wrap-around 100% UV protection. They work as the standard for children’s sun protection eyewear worldwide.

baby banz

The lenses of Baby Banz sunglasses are UV400 lenses, category four. These lenses protect eyes from the whole spectrum of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays from the sun.

Baby Banz frames and lenses are created from polycarbonate material. This makes the sunglasses shatterproof and almost indestructible. 

The wrap-around headbands of the baby sunglasses are produced from a flexible rubber called Neoprene. Neoprene is the same material used for wetsuits. It is stretchy, smooth, and easy to clean with soap and water.

This flexible rubber is soft and comfortable around your baby’s head. It also safely holds the sunglasses over your child’s eyes. Finally, the material floats in water to avoid loss at the swimming pool or beach.


The sunglasses from Babiators are designed to let kids be kids. They are highly durable and almost unbreakable.

Babiators was established in 2011 to create high-quality, affordable, safe, and stylish sun protection products for children. 


Today the brand is fast-growing and is quickly becoming a leading children’s retail company. In 2014, Forbes magazine named Babiators as one of America’s Most Promising Companies of the year.

Babiators aim to protect children’s eyes while they’re learning and exploring. If you’re looking for navigator sunglasses or explorer sunglasses for your child, this brand is an excellent choice.

Hipsterkid Sunglasses

Hipsterkid produces functional, stylish, and gender-neutral children’s accessories inspired by life in Brooklyn, New York. 

hipsterkid sunglasses

The brand’s sunglasses are inspired by the colors, energy, and textures of the borough. The sunglasses are designed to be fun and trendy.

If you’re looking for retro, cateye, or aviator sunglasses for your baby boy or girl, take a look at Hipsterkid’s collection. 

Real Kids Shades

The sunglasses are generally produced for kids. However, there are Real Kids shades for all ages, including babies and toddlers.

As well as being almost unbreakable, Real Shades glasses are protective, fashionable, and comfortable too. The sunglasses feature high-quality materials that offer children the protection and comfort they require to wear them all day.

The Real Shades eyewear provides 100 percent UV protection to ensure that babies’ eyes remain healthy.      

Roshambo Baby

Roshambo Baby sunglasses come in a classic wayfarer style. These glasses fit ages from zero to two years, depending on your baby’s head size.

roshambo baby

The sunglasses are ultra-durable, almost indestructible, and created from a lightweight material designed for a baby’s lifestyle.

All Roshambo Baby sunglasses are BPA free, lead and latex-free, smart parts tested, and are produced in Italy. The soft rubber frames can fit prescription glasses too. Select your lens and frame shade to create the ideal polarized lenses for your baby.

Baby Sunglasses on Amazon

On Amazon, there’s a significant range of baby sunglasses available in various colors, brands, and styles. Whatever design you’re seeking for your baby, you’re likely to find on Amazon. 

Type in the brand, style, or other specifications along with ‘baby sunglasses.’ You should find a selection of suitable eyewear.

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