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How Satisfied Are Visionworks’ Clients?

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Visionworks is a major vision correction service provider, with multiple stores and affiliated doctors and technicians nationwide. It is committed to restoring eyesight to millions of families in the United States.

This article provides a detailed review of how Visionworks fulfills its commitment to providing top-notch vision care and how it stacks up against other eyewear brands and stores.

What is Customer Experience Like at Visionworks?

Like any business, Visionworks receives positive and negative reviews. However, the company has a rating of 1.65 stars from 182 reviews on Sitejabber, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. 

Visionworks’ low rating cuts across several other review sites, including Yelp (3 stars), Trustpilot (2 stars), and ConsumerAffairs (2.8 stars). Reviewers indicate that some locations have the worst customer service, despite the company’s aim to provide a seamless experience for its clients.

What Customers Are Saying About Visionworks

According to the Better Business Bureau, the business received a total of 437 total complaints in the last three years. Most negative customer reviews and complaints mention poor customer service, rude employees, long wait times, and new glasses problems. 

These are some reviews on the company:

I ordered a pair of glasses online, and they never arrived. UPS marked the package as delivered. However, my cameras never picked up a delivery. Now UPS is investigating, but Visionworks says they will not replace them if they say it’s delivered…..”

“Poor quality frames at a high price. They never honor the warranty. We bought four pairs of glasses by the end of last year, and 3 of those broke within 6 to 10 months after that. When claimed, they started to hide and seek with us and never actually fulfilled the claim. Very, very disappointed.

There are also many satisfied customers with positive reviews. One reviewer on ConsumerAffairs said:

Great customer service, I don’t have much to say, I’m humbled with the assistance offered, great customer service and good communication, happy client and assistance… Can’t wait to have my glasses.

My eyesight was getting worse. I already wore glasses because I needed them to see anything further than 6 feet away. But things started to get blurry. So I called Visionworks. Which takes my insurance. And set up an appointment. When I showed up early to my appointment, they took care of me right away! They answered any question I had, whether it was about contacts or glasses. I chose glasses, but I might get contacts next time I go. I highly recommend Visionworks!

They were excellent. The staff is friendly and helpful. The doctor was amazing and very thorough. The best Optometrist I have been to in a long time!

How Does Visionworks Handle Customer Service Issues?

Visionworks tries to address all customer service issues appropriately. It also has an easy return process for those who are dissatisfied with their products.

Their 100-day return policy enables people to get their purchases exchanged or fixed as long as they are returned in their original condition.

Visionworks responded to most negative reviews by promising to correct the issues promptly or requesting more information to follow up on. According to the Better Business Bureau, Visionworks resolved 165 customer complaints within the last 12 months.2

How Does Visionworks Compare to Competitors?

In this section, we compare Visionworks to competitors regarding services provided, pricing strategy, insurance, and guarantees. According to Sitejabber, Visionworks ranks 173rd among eyecare providers regarding customer experience.3

Here is the competitor comparison:

VisionworksWarby ParkerLensCraftersAmerica’s Best
ProductsEyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts, and accessoriesEyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts, and accessoriesEyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts, and accessoriesEyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts, and accessories
ServicesVirtual and in-store eye exams, in-store and online purchases, and free shippingVirtual and in-store eye exams, in-store and online purchases, free shipping, free at-home try-ons (5 pairs), and a mobile app with virtual try-on featuresIn-store eye exams, in-store and online purchases, free shipping, and a mobile app with virtual try-on featuresVirtual and in-store eye exams, in-store and online purchases, free shipping, and virtual try-on features on the website
Pricing (without insurance)$75 eye exams and discounts on frames and lenses (50% off 2nd pair)$85 eye exams with discounts on frames and lenses.$79 eye exams and discounts on frames and lensesFree eye exams with a $79.95 purchase of two pairs of the same glasses.
InsuranceAccepts most insurance plans, including CDHP Accepts most insurance plans, including CDHP Accepts most insurance plans, including CDHP Accepts most insurance plans, including CDHP
Guarantee100-day satisfaction guarantee30-day satisfaction guarantee30-day satisfaction guarantee30-day satisfaction guarantee

Visionworks vs. LensCrafters: Who Is Better?

There’s no significant difference between Visionworks and LensCrafters regarding customer service, products offered, and average pricing. Both stores offer designer and branded products at an affordable rate (within the national average).

Neither LensCrafters nor Visionworks is BBB-accredited, and both have low to moderate customer ratings across various review sites. However, the rating and customer reviews depend on the location of each provider. 

For customers who love the convenience of virtual try-ons, LensCrafters stands out for this feature.4 With their myLook app, you can examine how the glasses look on you virtually from the comfort of your home.5 

Visionworks doesn’t have virtual try-ons, but they offer digital eye exams through their telehealth system.

Visionworks Services and Products

Visionworks offers high-end eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, and other accessories. It leverages leading technology in its eye exams, ensuring customers get the most accurate results and the best solutions to their vision problems.

All Visionworks stores offer products from exclusive brands and designers. Top brands to choose from include:

  • Nike
  • Ray-Ban
  • Salsa
  • Flexon
  • Robert Mitchel
  • Calvin Klein
  • OTIS+GREY, and more

Visionworks’ customers can purchase glasses and contact lenses in-store or online. On their website, you can filter your search by gender, brand, price, color, lens type, and more. 

How Does Visionworks Approach Eye Exams?

Visionworks provides the most advanced eye exam to detect problems beyond poor vision. This can include diabetes, high blood pressure, aneurysm, high cholesterol, lupus, etc.1 

These eye exams can last 30 minutes to an hour. You can access them at every Visionworks location in the country.

Types of Eye Exams from Visionworks

Visionworks locations offer two types of eye exams:

  • In-person eye exams. You’ll visit the store on your appointment day and get your eyes checked by an on-site optometrist.
  • Telehealth eye exams. Your optometrist will examine your eyes in-store via video conference, although an in-person tech will be there with you to provide any assistance required. Telehealth exams have more scheduling flexibility.

The doctors and staff at Visionworks will talk you through the process and answer any of your questions before and after the exam.

If your eye exam indicates a prescription is required, you could be eligible to wear contact lenses or glasses. If it’s your first time getting these vision aids, additional fitting and examination will ensure you get the best solution for your vision issue.

How Does Visionworks Price Their Products?

Visionworks has a clear and simple pricing strategy that enables clients to access services and products at low prices compared to many providers. You can get a complete set of glasses fitted with anti-glare coating for as low as $120.

Visionworks offers the following lens packages: 

  • Standard package. Includes non-glare coating at no additional cost
  • Plus package. Includes ultra-thin polycarbonate lenses
  • Premium package. For Trivex or Thindex lenses
  • Digital Premium package. For MyFocal HD lenses

The discounts and free shipping on all online orders make the prices exceptionally low. Currently, they have an in-store offer of 40% off if you purchase a complete pair of glasses (frame and lenses). 

Does Visionworks Accept Insurance Plans?

Visionworks accepts thousands of insurance plans in stores and is expanding the network to cover online purchases. Major insurance plans accepted include:

  • VSP Vision Care
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Davis Vision
  • Avesis
  • Cigna
  • MetLife
  • SuperiorVision
  • CEC and more.

According to Visionworks, those without the accepted plans can still purchase and file an out-of-network claim with their insurance company. 

If you have Davis Insurance, the insurance toggle on their website can help you compare your insurance coverage and Visionworks’ current promotions to get the best deal.

For more information about the eligibility of your insurance plan, contact your local Visionworks location.

What Guarantees and Warranties Does Visionworks Provide?

Visionworks has a 100-day satisfaction guarantee that enables customers to return or exchange products they are not pleased with. They also offer lifetime free adjustments and cleanings.

You can protect your glasses for $34.99 a year with Visionworks Protect Powered by Extend warranty.6 With this warranty, you’ll enjoy full protection from the following:

  • Accidental damage, such as scratches and cracks
  • Pet damage, such as chews, breaks, claw marks, etc.

Note that Visionworks Protect warranty does not cover replacement glasses due to a prescription change.

Commonly Asked Questions on Visionworks

Below are common questions people ask about Visionworks’ eye care.

Does Visionworks accept FSA and HSA funding?

Health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) are tax-free accounts you can use to fund your healthcare expenses. Visionworks accepts HSA and FSA findings to cover the cost of eye exams, a new pair of glasses, sunglasses, or contact lenses. 

How long will my online eyeglass order take?

Visionworks will process and ship your eyeglass order via UPS within 10 days of purchase. The shipping times may vary depending on your location, with most deliveries done within 1-5 days. If you need a quicker delivery, you can opt for premium shipping at a higher cost.

How do I book a Visionworks eye exam?

To book your eye exam, follow the following steps:

1. Go to the Visionworks website and select “Find a store & book exam” at the top or “Schedule Now button” at the bottom of your screen.
2. Select the nearest location by filling out your zip code, city, and state.
3. Once you identify your desired location, select “Schedule eye exams.”
4. Select your preferred appointment date and time.
5. Provide your personal information ( first and last name, date of birth, zip code, email, and phone number).
6. Confirm all information is accurate and select “Book Now” to receive an email confirmation and occasion reminders. 

Can Visionworks use old frames?

You can use your old frames at Visionworks as long as they are in good shape. Your tech will look at the general quality of your old frames to determine their reusability.


  • Visionworks is a major eye care provider in the United States with multiple stores and affiliated doctors and technicians.
  • They offer both in-person and digital (telehealth) eye exams at reasonable prices.
  • Visionworks offers affordable products and services that come with a 100-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • The provider has a star rating of 1.65, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases.
  • Visionworks strives to promptly address all customer issues and complaints once brought to their attention.
Updated on  February 12, 2024
6 sources cited
Updated on  February 12, 2024
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