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Hard Contact Lens Solution

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Hard contact lenses, known as rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses, are customized lenses that correct vision. 

Many people prefer soft contact lenses because they are convenient. However, hard contacts have several advantages that some people prefer.

Advantages of hard contacts include:

  • Sharper vision
  • Better vision for high prescriptions
  • Highly customizable
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Don’t dehydrate
  • Can correct presbyopia

Hard contact lenses require a specific RGP contact lens solution. Hard contact lens solutions have specific formulas for their materials.

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This article will explain the different types of solutions available for hard contacts and recommend the best brands to buy.

Never use a solution meant for soft contacts with your RGP lenses and vice versa.

Types of Hard Contact Lens Solutions

There are two main options for taking care of your RGP contacts:

  • A single multipurpose solution. These solutions can be used for cleaning, disinfecting, and storage.
  • A combination of cleaning, rinsing, and storage/disinfecting solutions. You will need at least two different types of solution for these systems.

Taking care of your RGP contacts is a multi-step process. 

They must be:

  1. Stored
  2. Disinfected
  3. Cleaned
  4. Rinsed

Your eye doctor is your best resource for finding the right hard contact lens cleaning and storage solution for your eyes.

Here are some different options for taking care of your hard contacts:

Multipurpose Solutions

Multipurpose solutions are the most convenient and cost-effective option for taking care of RGP lenses. This makes them the most popular choice among hard contact lens wearers.

They can be used to disinfect, store, clean, and rinse your lenses.

Many people refer to these solutions as “no-rub” systems. However, experts still recommend rubbing each lens for 10 seconds after taking them out of the case. Do this before you rinse it again and put it in your eye.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Solutions

Hydrogen peroxide-based solutions take more effort and cost more than multipurpose solutions. However, they are the best option for people who are sensitive or allergic to chemicals. They are used for cleaning, disinfecting, and storage

You’ll soak your lenses in the hydrogen peroxide-based solution for 6 to 8 hours to clean and disinfect them. The hydrogen peroxide needs to be neutralized afterward. 

Some “one-step” products have a built-in neutralizer that kicks in while the contacts are in the case. With “two-step” products, you need to add a neutralizing tablet after the solution cleans the lens. 

You should rinse your hydrogen peroxide cleaner off with a saline solution before putting your contact in.

Daily Lens Cleaners

Daily cleaners are only used for the cleaning portion of RGP lens care. You’ll still need a multipurpose or other type of storage system.

Daily cleaners remove debris or buildup from your lenses. You’ll put the lens and cleaner in your palm and rub the contact for a few seconds.

Saline Solutions

Saline solutions are only used to rinse your lenses. They are gentle, preservative-free liquids that rinse off hydrogen peroxide or daily lens cleaners.

Carefully follow the label instructions for all types of solutions. If you don’t, you increase your chances of eye irritation, infection, and corneal abrasions.

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Top 5 Best Hard Contact Lens Solutions

Best Multipurpose Solution - Boston Simplus Multi-Action Solution

Boston Simplus® Multi-Action Solution is the epitome of ease and comfort, providing a comprehensive daily lens care system in one bottle. It thoroughly cleans, disinfects, and conditions gas-permeable contact lenses and eliminates protein build-up daily. With this solution, there is no need for a separate evening rub care routine, simply rub and rinse the lenses before wearing. Ideal for the active gas-permeable contact lens wearer who demands both performance and convenience.

Best Saline Solution - Equate Saline Solution for Sensitive Eyes

This Equate Saline Solution is a sterile and convenient solution for maintaining the health of your contact lenses. It comes in a 12 oz bottle, and is sold in a pack of two, perfect for keeping one at home and one on the go.

Best Complete System - Boston Advance Complete System

The Boston Advance Comfort Formula System is a highly recommended two-bottle lens care system for gas-permeable lenses. The solution coats and cushions the lenses for more comfortable insertion and wear. This two-step system, which includes the Boston Advance Conditioning Solution and Boston Advance Cleaner, is easy to use and provides comfort for those who wear the lenses.

Best Hydrogen Peroxide Solution - Clear Care Plus Cleaning Solution

CLEAR CARE Solution not only thoroughly cleans your contact lenses with hydrogen peroxide, but also keeps them moisturized with its patented HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix. The Triple Action Cleaning formula effectively removes dirt, deep cleans, and eliminates protein. The unique lens case has a platinum disc that activates the bubbling action and transforms the hydrogen peroxide into a gentle saline solution.

Best for Travel - Bausch & Lomb Boston Advance Formula Travel Pack

Boston Advance Cleaner is an effective solution for removing dirt and debris from lenses. It effectively cleans lenses, leaving them clear and ready for disinfection. Additionally, the cleaner is visibly tinted and formulated for improved rinsing for extra convenience.

How to Take Care of Hard Contact Lenses

How you care for your RGP lenses will depend on the type of solution(s) you use. 

The most important thing to remember is to follow the instructions from your eye doctor and on the box.

Here are some general tips to care for your hard contact lenses:

  • Use the contact solution recommended by your eye doctor
  • Only use products approved for hard lenses
  • Always wash your hands and dry them with a lint-free towel before putting in and taking out your lenses
  • For non hydrogen peroxide solutions: clean your lens case frequently with soap and warm water, and let it dry completely
  • For hydrogen peroxide solutions: change your case when you open a new bottle of solution
  • Do not wear contacts when you shower, swim, or use a hot tub
  • Never sleep in your contacts, including napping
  • Never use tap water or put your contacts in your mouth to clean or wet them
  • Always put your contacts in before applying makeup
  • Only wear your lenses as long as directed
  • Visit your eye doctor at least once a year for a checkup
  • Always rinse your lens with sterile solution before putting it in your eye
  • Rub your contact for 10 to 30 seconds with a cleaning or multipurpose solution before storing them

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Updated on  February 22, 2023
5 sources cited
Updated on  February 22, 2023
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