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What is VSP Insurance?

VSP Vision Care is a vision insurance company. This service plan provides insurance coverage for eye health and eyewear.

Plans offer significant savings for customers purchasing vision health services, glasses, contact lenses, and other eyewear through a VSP network doctor. 

Benefits of enrolling in VSP vision care include:

  • Access to eye care from more than 36,000 providers
  • Significant savings on exams, glasses, contacts, elective services, and more
  • Customer support
  • Full coverage for premium progressive with premium anti-glare

Drawbacks of enrolling in VSP vision care include:

  • Expensive compared to other non-company-sponsored vision care plans
  • Might not cover the most up-to-date lens technology
  • Must use a VSP lab for lenses, which takes longer

VSP customers use their benefits just like any other type of health insurance. 

Contact VSP to learn more about in-network vision care providers in your area. If you already have an eye doctor, you can ask if they accept VSP vision insurance.

Who is Eligible for VSP Vision Insurance?

Millions of Americans have VSP vision insurance. Anyone is eligible to apply for coverage. Most people receive their VSP coverage through their employer’s group health plan.

VSP vision coverage is available nationwide, but plans vary from state to state. 

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What Does VSP Cover?

A VSP vision service plan includes eye exams and corrective eyewear. Plans vary, but in general, VSP customers enjoy coverage for:

Eye Exams

Most VSP customers pay little to nothing for their annual eye exams. 

VSP WellVision Exams must be performed by in-network VSP providers to enjoy full benefits. These exams are more comprehensive than traditional eye exams. 

They include screenings for a variety of issues that impact eye health, including:

  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure

Frames and Lenses

Many VSP plans offer an allowance for glasses. This means you’ll be able to buy glasses at a significant discount.

Some plans also offer an additional allowance for certain brands.

Contact Lenses

Like eyeglasses, VSP offers benefits for contact lenses. The benefits cover a significant portion of the cost of contact lenses.

Most lens fittings require a copay.

Does VSP Cover LASIK? 

VSP vision insurance offers a discount on laser eye surgery, or LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis).

Most insurance providers consider laser eye surgery elective. 

However, VSP customers who receive screening from vision care doctors within the provider’s network might be eligible for a discount of 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional price of LASIK. 

Laser eye surgery procedures that VSP might cover include:

What Does VSP not Cover? 

VSP won't cover costs beyond the specific amount of coverage for corrective eyewear. If you spend more than what’s provided, you’ll need to pay out-of-pocket.

For instance, if you choose eyeglasses that cost $300 and VSP offers $175 in coverage, you’ll pay $125 out-of-pocket for your glasses.

Here are some examples of additional expenses for corrective eyewear:

  • UV protection 
  • Anti-reflective coating 
  • Progressive lenses 
  • Blended bifocal lenses
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Frames beyond the basic style

VSP insurance coverage can help you save on glasses, contacts, eye exams, and more. Learn More

Who Takes VSP Insurance?

More than 36,000 vision care providers in the United States accept VSP insurance. It is the largest independent eye care network in the country. 

Some of the most popular vision health providers that accept VSP include:

  • Pearle Vision
  • Visionworks
  • MyEyeDr
  • EyeCare Centers

To find a VSP network doctor in your area, visit the VSP Eye Doctor Locator. The website lets you search by:

  • Doctor
  • Location
  • Office name
  • Languages
  • Type of VSP doctor
  • Frame brands the provider sells
  • Gender
  • Premier status

Tips for Getting the Most Out of VSP Insurance

To ensure you get the most out of your VSP insurance coverage:

Start Early

The sooner you visit a VSP doctor’s office to use your benefits, the better. Coverage benefits don’t roll over from year to year, so you’ll want to make sure you spend what you can each year.

Many people are surprised to learn that coverage is available for an extra set of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Understand Your Benefits

Plans vary, so make sure you know what’s available under your VSP plan. Most plans cover eye exams in full and offer significant discounts on eyewear.

Make sure you’re fully informed before scheduling an exam or shopping for glasses or contacts. You can learn more about your vision plan by contacting VSP.

Schedule an Eye Exam

Schedule an annual eye exam even if you don’t wear glasses or have other vision health issues.

Many eye health issues don’t have early symptoms. A comprehensive exam can identify eye health issues early, making treatment more effective.

Get the Best Possible Eyewear

Your VSP vision plan might not cover premium eyewear in full. However, your provided coverage can make certain features affordable by covering the cost of the basic prescription eyewear.

If your basic prescription is free, you’ll have the budget to pay for anti-reflective coating, progressive lenses, or other optional features. 

Invest in Backup Glasses

VSP provides a set allowance each year for eyewear. This means even if you don’t “need” glasses or contacts, you can get backups for an emergency. 

Remember, even if you wear contacts every day, it’s important to have backup glasses. 

Allergies, infections, dry eyes, and other out-of-the-ordinary circumstances can make contacts uncomfortable. It’s important to have options just in case.

Protect Your Eyes from Screens

Even people with 20/20 vision benefit from wearing computer glasses. Your VSP vision plan benefits make lenses worn for non-corrective purposes affordable. 

Pair VSP Benefits with Your HSA

If you have a health savings account (HSA), you can use that money to cover any additional out-of-pocket costs that VSP doesn’t cover.

How to Sign Up for VSP Vision Insurance

Here are ways to sign up for VSP insurance:


Employers usually offer their employees the opportunity to enroll in a vision care plan. You can enroll during your open enrollment period or qualifying life events. These events include, but are not limited to, getting married or having a baby.

Exchange or Marketplace

Eligible individuals who don't have access to VSP through their employer may go directly to the enrollment website and enroll in VSP. You'll be able to choose from various plans. Visit this website to know more about the enrollment periods. 

Individual Plans

Various plans are available for those who don’t have access to a plan through their employers. You can sign up here and visit vspdirect.com to view different plan options.


VSP insurance provides insurance coverage for eye health and eyewear. There are many benefits of enrolling in VSP insurance, such as access to eye care and significant savings. Remember to check with your doctor first to know whether they accept VSP insurance or not.

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