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Is WebEyeCare.com the Right Choice for Your Vision Needs?

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Why Choose WebEyeCare for Your Eyewear Needs?

Founded in 2009, WebEyeCare offers its customers several eyewear products, including:

  • Eyeglasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Contact lenses 

WebEyeCare.com requires that you upload your prescription before purchasing any contacts. However, once you upload your prescription (and as long as it doesn’t change), WebEyeCare will keep it on file for subsequent orders. 

Subscription Program 

In addition to purchasing one-time individual or multiple boxes of contacts, WebEyeCare.com offers a subscription program, which requires you to verify your contact lens prescription.1

Through the WebEyeCare subscription program, you receive the following benefits: 

  • New contact lenses delivered to you on a consistent schedule
  • Choose as many boxes as you’d like
  • Pick the frequency of your deliveries 
  • Earn 15% off your first regular-priced order
  • Earn 10% off future orders
  • Free shipping upgrade upon request
  • Receive a dedicated customer service representative

You can change your subscription via your account's “Subscriptions” tab. You can also adjust the next shipment date, quantity, and frequency of delivery.

WebEyeCare notifies you before your subscription order processes, so you can easily change your order if needed.

Subscription Cancellation

If you want to cancel your subscription anytime, you can contact WebEyeCare through email, call, or text. WebEyeCare charges a fee if you cancel before your first re-order.

Rewards Points

WebEyeCare offers price matching and the chance to earn rewards points on your purchases. Earn rewards points for interacting with WebEyeCare.com.2

The following activities offer various points: 

  • 1200 points for creating an account
  • 250 points for following WebEyeCare on Instagram
  • 1000 points for your birthday
  • 2000 points for making an eyeglasses purchase
  • 2000 points for leaving a review

Earning 1,000 points is the equivalent of $5. Build up your points balance, and you can use it to make a discount on future purchases.

Where to Buy Glasses + Contacts

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Fastest Delivery: EyeBuyDirect

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Best Place to Buy Contacts: 1800 Contacts

Is It Safe and Easy to Order from WebEyeCare.com?

WebEyeCare is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.3 It has an “A” rating and has been accredited since May 2013. 

Trustpilot lists WebEyeCare as a verified company with a 4.1-star rating.4 The company has over 845 Trustpilot reviews, nearly 75% listed as 5-star reviews. WebEyeCare.com is currently headquartered in Bristol, Pennsylvania. 

Contact Lens Brands 

WebEyeCare carries the following contact lens brands: 

  • Acuvue
  • Biofinity
  • Air Optix
  • PureVision
  • SofLens
  • ProClear
  • Biotrue 
  • Avaira
  • Clariti
  • Ultra
  • Precision 
  • Biomedics
  • MyDay
  • FreshLook
  • Infuse 

Orders over $89 ship for free. Most orders take between 5 and 10 business days to arrive.  

Types of Contact Lenses

You can purchase the following types of lenses from WebEyeCare.com:

  • Daily 
  • Weekly 
  • Monthly 
  • Color
  • Toric/Astigmatism
  • Bifocal/Multifocal 

WebEyeCare does not offer vial or rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses.

Vision Insurance Coverage

Most vision insurance carriers consider WebEyeCare.com to be out of network. Some, but not all, policies provide coverage for this type of service.

However, you can use your HSA and FSA funds to pay for contacts ordered from WebEyeCare.com. Simply enter the appropriate credit card information at checkout. 

You can contact WebEyeCare customer service 24/7 by phone if you run into any issues. You can also email customer service or chat with a representative directly from the website.

What Do Customer Reviews Say About WebEyeCare.com?

Customers have mixed experiences with WebEyeCare.com. For every positive review, there is almost always a negative review on the same topic. 


Some customers received their contacts quickly without issue, while others experienced delays or miscommunication.

Some customers were not informed that the contacts they had ordered were back-ordered. These customers experienced shipping delays and sometimes waited a few weeks to receive their contact lenses. 


While WebEyeCare.com does advertise competitive pricing, those rates can change after customers place their first order. This lack of transparency was not well-received, especially given the subscription model that seemingly locks in a single price. 

Customer Service 

When customers experience issues with defective lenses, damaged products, or order mistakes, a similar pattern of inconsistency emerges. WebEyeCare customer service representatives were either expedient in dealing with concerns or left customers wanting more.

How Does WebEyeCare.com Validate Prescriptions?

WebEyeCare.com validates prescriptions in two ways: 

  1. Obtaining a copy of your recent prescription from you
  2. Contacting your eye care provider directly.  

Per the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLA), WebEyeCare must verify a valid prescription before selling contact lenses.5 Prescriptions must be a year old at maximum. 

You can upload a copy of your prescription in several ways:6 

  • Text a photo of your prescription to 215-273-9455
  • Email a picture of your prescription to info@webeyecare.com
  • Upload a picture of your prescription via “My Account” 

WebEyeCare can also contact your eye doctor to verify your contact lens prescription. The FCLA allows eye doctors up to 8 hours to respond. A lack of response signifies a “passive” verification, meaning your WebEyeCare order can proceed to the next step.

Does WebEyeCare.com Have Any Hidden Processing Fees?

Per WebEyeCare.com’s Terms and Conditions, the site charges a processing fee of up to 75% of the sub-total.7 WebEyeCare states it will notate these processing fees on a separate line within the shopping cart.

However, when we placed a mock order, the only extra fee we saw was a $5.99 charge to “Use My Insurance.” The site describes this fee as non-refundable.

“Use My Insurance” Fee

By paying this fee, you request that WebEyeCare.com compile and submit a benefits claim to your eye insurance provider. WebEyeCare notes that it takes between 2 and 4 weeks for a response from the insurance provider. 

Note that most vision insurance providers consider WebEyeCare to be out of network. Paying the $5.99 fee doesn’t guarantee claim approval.

We recommend researching your vision insurance policy and submitting your own claim. You can submit your purchase receipts to your insurance provider without paying anything.

What is the Return Policy at WebEyeCare.com?

WebEyeCare.com offers a refund or store credit for returns made within 60 days of delivery.6 However, any returned products must meet the following requirements: 

  • Unopened
  • Undamaged
  • Unaltered 

Items must be in their original condition. If you return contact lenses after 60 days from the delivery date have passed, you’re only eligible for store credit. 

WebEyeCare.com charges a 25% restocking fee. You must also cover return shipping. 

If you receive damaged contact lens boxes, contact WebEyeCare customer support immediately. They may send you a prepaid shipping label and exchange your damaged box for a new one. Note that sales on custom and made-to-order contact lenses are final.7

How Long Does WebEyeCare Take to Ship Orders?

WebEyeCare typically ships contact lenses within 5 to 10 business days, depending on your chosen shipping service. Per WebEyeCare’s shipping policy:7 

  • $7.95 for 5 to 10 Business Day Ground
  • $10.95 for 3 to 7 Business Day Ground
  • $29.95 for 2nd Business Day Air
  • $34.95 for Next Business Day Air 

Orders totaling $89 and up qualify for free shipping via 5 to 10 Business Day Ground. Any orders sent to P.O. boxes must be sent through USPS Ground only. WebEyeCare notes that tracking information can take one to two business days. 

Potential delays include out-of-stock items and back-ordered items. Orders placed after business hours will be processed the following business day.

How Does WebEyeCare.com Compare with Other Online Eyewear Retailers?

WebEyeCare competes with large brands such as: 

  • 1-800 Contacts
  • Discount Contacts
  • Lens.com
  • Warby Parker
  • Contacts Direct
  • Eyeconic


WebEyeCare offers middle-of-the-road shipping times and rates compared to other online eyecare companies. Most competitors offer free shipping, with or without a minimum order amount.

Product Variety

WebEyeCare does not sell vial or RGP contacts, which are products most other competitors offer. For example, Lens.com, Contacts Direct, Eyeconic, and Discount Contacts offer these contact lenses in addition to the standard product lineup. 

Customer Service and Fees 

Customer service is often hit-or-miss with WebEyeCare and many other competitors. Most interactions are dependent upon the circumstances.

However, WebEyeCare can be less transparent than others regarding additional and hidden fees. For example, Warby Parker charges $5 for online eye exams to help you obtain a valid and current prescription so you can order contacts.

Lens.com offers this service for $9.99, and Discount Contacts does it for free. In comparison, WebEyeCare charges $34.99 for the same service.

Pros and Cons of Using WebEyeCare.com

Ordering contact lenses with WebEyeCare.com brings with it several advantages and disadvantages. Weigh these carefully before you place an order. 

Pros of WebEyeCare.com

  • Affordable, competitive pricing
  • Accepts FSA and HSA credit cards
  • Earn rewards points on your purchases to redeem for discounts
  • Upload prescription once
  • User-friendly ordering process 

Cons of WebEyeCare.com

  • Lack of transparent pricing
  • A restocking fee applies to all returns
  • Lack of a consistent customer service experience 
  • Shipping delays 
  • Lack of communication if lenses are back ordered 

Comparison Table

WebEyeCare competes with several other online contact lens ordering services, including those in the following table: 

WebEyeCare.com1-800 ContactsDiscount ContactsLens.com Warby ParkerContacts Direct Eyeconic 
Pricing$25 to $170 per box$50 to $150 per box $30 to $140 per box $50 to $180 per box$50 to $100 per box$20 to $70 per boxUnder $20 to $200
Prescription Verification Process Reaches out to your eye doctor for verificationReaches out to your eye doctor for verification Upload a copy, or they will verify your prescription with your eye doctor Reaches out to your eye doctor for verificationUpload a copy, or they will verify your prescription with your eye doctor Reaches out to your eye doctor for verificationReaches out to your eye doctor for verification plus a complimentary consultation with a VSP eye doctor 
Insurance Does not accept insuranceAccepts health insurance Does not accept insurance but accepts FSA and HSA Does not accept insuranceAccepts health insurance, FSA, and HSA Accepts health insurance, FSA, and HSAAccepts insurance, including FSA and HSA
Lens TypesColored, toric, disposal, bifocal, multifocal Daily and monthly wear, bifocal, multifocalDisposable, colored, RGP, toric, multifocal Disposable, toric, multifocal, colored, RGPDisposable, toric, bifocal, multifocal, colored Disposable, toric, multifocal, colored, RGPSingle, bifocal, multifocal, toric, colored, disposable, RGP, vial 
ShippingFree on orders over $89, but no international shipping; takes 5 to 10 business daysFree standard shipping; takes 1 to 7 business days; ships internationally Free shipping on orders of $99 or more; takes 7 to 10 business days $9.95 standard shipping; takes 5 to 7 business daysFree standard shipping; takes 7 to 9 business daysFree standard shipping; takes 7 to 10 business daysFree standard shipping; takes 4 to 7 business days
Return Policy60 days on unopened products, but you pay return postage and a restocking feeFree for unopened products and free replacement on damaged products  Free returns for 365 daysFree returns for 30 days Free returns for 30 days 6 months on unopened products, but you pay the return postageFree for 60 days 
Online Eye Exams $34.99$20Free $9.99$5$29.99N/A

Final Verdict on WebEyeCare.com

WebEyeCare.com offers eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. You can purchase contact lenses in several configurations.

These are the critical information you should keep in mind about WebEyeCare:

  • Re-ordering contacts can be easy and convenient
  • Your orders earn you rewards points, which you can redeem for discounts on future orders
  • WebEyeCare doesn’t accept insurance, but you can use FSA or HSA funds to pay for contacts
  • Shipping is free for orders over $89
  • WebEyeCare offers 60-day returns on unopened lenses
  • WebEyeCare’s pricing, shipping rates, and processing times are comparable to other eye care websites
  • WebEyeCare charges the most for online eye exams
  • The subscription program makes it easy to check eyecare off your to-do list as long as you keep your prescription current

Frequently Asked Questions about WebEyeCare.com

How Do I Track My Order on WebEyeCare.com?

You can track your order using the tracking number WebEyeCare emailed to you.8 Products are shipped via UPS or USPS. You can also visit your account online and obtain tracking from the “Review Orders/Track Packages” link.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Refund from WebEyeCare.com?

WebEyeCare requires 2 to 3 weeks to process a refund, store credit, or exchange request.9 The site then issues refunds 1 to 3 business days after processing. 

How Much Do Contact Lenses Typically Cost on WebEyeCare.com?

Contact lenses typically cost between $25 and $170 per box. Your total cost will depend on what type of contact lenses you purchase, as specialized lenses tend to cost more.  

Is WebEyeCare.com a Legitimate Website?

Yes, WebEyeCare.com is a legitimate website. WebEyeCare offers several eye care products, from eyeglasses and sunglasses to contact lenses. 

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Updated on  July 24, 2023
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Updated on  July 24, 2023
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