Anthony Armenta

Content Contributor

Anthony Armenta, a content contributor for Vision Center, boasts a diverse international background. After earning his B.A. in International Relations from the University of California, Irvine, he moved to Spain, where he has spent nearly a decade, the last 5 years of which have been as a freelance health content writer and medical editor in Barcelona. He collaborates with leading investigative groups in infectious diseases, pulmonology, and hematology/oncology at Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, a facility recognized globally for its medical research.

Anthony’s work encompasses a wide range of health topics, from candidemia and COVID-19 to breast cancer and plastic surgery. His recent projects include editing a significant study on personalized therapy and artificial intelligence for COVID-19 patients. Beyond his writing, Anthony also engages in collaborations that blend content creation with design, offering services to health professionals and startups. His goal is to make health content, including topics related to vision and eye care, accessible and understandable to all, aiding in the improvement of public health and wellbeing.

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