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VisionCenter is committed to connecting patients to the best local healthcare providers. We reviewed 70 Optometrists in Vienna, WV, and chose this list based on their:

  • Qualifications and education
  • Years of experience
  • Reputation and resources
  • Past customer experiences

We used AI technology to analyze 7061 reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook to find patients' favorite surgeons in the area. Our team then went through and hand picked our list of the best Optometrists in Vienna.


2014 Dudley Ave, Parkersburg, WV 26101

4.5 out of 5 (185 reviews)


Overall, customers had positive experiences at the eye care center. Dr. Jackson and Katie Bush were highly praised for their professionalism and knowledge, with reviewers appreciating their helpfulness and welcoming attitude. However, one negative review complained about poor glasses and lenses, advising against returning to this location.


  • Friendly and welcoming staff: Multiple reviews mentioned staff members, such as Dr. Jackson, Katie Bush, Aleisha, and Diana Payne, being welcoming, sweet, understanding, and helpful. Customers felt comfortable and appreciated the warm and friendly environment.
  • Thorough and professional eye exams: Reviewers praised the eye exams they received, mentioning the thoroughness of the exams conducted by Dr. Jackson and the professional service provided by the entire staff.
  • Assistance in frame selection: Many customers mentioned the help they received in choosing frames. Staff members like Aleisha, Diana Payne, and Madison were acknowledged for their knowledge in helping customers pick out frames that suited their style and fit their face.


1500 Grand Central Ave #112, Vienna, WV 26105

4.4 out of 5 (104 reviews)


Overall, the majority of reviewers had positive experiences with the eye doctors and eye exam places. Many praised the professional and thorough exams, friendly and helpful staff, and large selection of frames. However, some negative reviews mentioned issues with billing, rushed appointments, and delays in receiving glasses. It is also worth noting that one reviewer expressed dissatisfaction with a misdiagnosis. Some recommended comparing prices before making purchases.


  • Professional and thorough eye exams
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Large selection of frames to choose from

The Eye MDs

418 Grand Park Dr #315, Parkersburg, WV 26104

4.6 out of 5 (52 reviews)


The majority of the reviews are extremely positive, with patients praising the thoroughness and professionalism of the staff. Dr. Strickler and Dr. Lazer receive high praise for their knowledge and care during cataract surgeries. Some minor concerns were mentioned, such as lack of thorough explanation and inconsistent experiences with different doctors. However, overall, the Eye MDs is highly recommended for eye exams and cataract surgery.


  • Thorough and professional eye exams.
  • Knowledgeable and caring staff.
  • Excellent cataract surgery outcomes.


100 Grand Central Ave Space 236 - 244, Vienna, WV 26105

4.9 out of 5 (39 reviews)


The reviews for this eye care center are overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising the helpful and friendly staff. Many customers mention specific employees by name and commend their knowledge and excellent customer service. The store is also mentioned to have a wide selection of frames and to provide prompt and efficient service, even during the pandemic.


  • Friendly and helpful staff: Many reviewers praised the staff at this eye care center for being friendly, welcoming, and attentive. They mentioned specific employees like Katie, Amanda, Ashton, and Becca who provided excellent customer service and went above and beyond to assist them.
  • Extensive selection of frames: Several reviewers mentioned the wide variety of frames available at this location. They appreciated the range of choices and the help they received in finding frames that suited their style and needs.
  • High-quality customer service: Many reviewers highlighted the exceptional customer service they received at this eye care center. They mentioned that the staff was knowledgeable, patient, and attentive to their specific needs, ensuring a positive experience throughout their visit.

Williamstown Eye Clinic

442 Highland Ave, Williamstown, WV 26187

5 out of 5 (3 reviews)


The reviewers had positive experiences at Williamstown Eye Clinic, praising the friendly and professional staff members, including Dr. Koerber. One reviewer mentioned that Dr. Koerber conducted an extensive eye exam and provided clear explanations of their medical treatment. Both reviewers highly recommend this eye care center for the quality of care and personalized attention they received.


  • Quick and responsive appointment scheduling: The receptionist immediately set up an appointment for a patient who had severely scratched their glasses, showing a willingness to accommodate urgent cases.
  • Extensive and thorough eye exams: Dr. Koerber conducted an extensive eye exam, including taking pictures of the interior eye, and provided detailed explanations of medical treatments. This indicates a commitment to comprehensive eye care for patients.

Dry Eye Center WV

1500 Grand Central Ave, Vienna, WV 26105

4.6 out of 5 (12 reviews)


Dr. Showalter at this eye care center is highly recommended, with patients willing to travel long distances for their expertise. The staff is friendly and professional, providing excellent care and ensuring that patients understand their eye care instructions. The services offered are professional, yet also have a friendly touch.


  • Highly skilled and experienced doctor: Dr. Showalter is worth the trip from Morgantown, as they have provided great relief and improvement in eye health.
  • Friendly and professional staff: The staff at this eye care center are both friendly and professional, ensuring that each patient is taken care of.
  • Caring and informative approach: The center's staff makes sure that patients understand the directions for eye care, providing a caring and informative experience.
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