Medical Expert Team

Our medical team comprises healthcare professionals who have received education, certification, and experience in their respective specialties. They are an integral part of our content creation and publication system. Their input ensures that our content is authoritative, timely, and of exceptional quality.

Before a page is published on Vision Center, it is submitted to the medical team. They review and evaluate the material to make sure that the information is compliant with the current standard of care, medically factual, and supported by contemporary and reputable scholarly sources.

When our content is refreshed, any new information or advice is submitted to the medical team for review and recommendations. In this way, our content stays at the forefront of practice recommendations and clinical guidelines.

melody huang medical reviewer
melody huang medical reviewer
Dr. Melody Huang
Dr. Melody Huang earned her B.S. in Biology from UCLA and her Doctor of Optometry degree from SUNY College of Optometry. She has been practicing optometry for over eight years.
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