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VisionCenter is committed to connecting patients to the best local healthcare providers. We reviewed 99 Optometrists in Indianapolis, IN, and chose this list based on their:

  • Qualifications and education
  • Years of experience
  • Reputation and resources
  • Past customer experiences

We used AI technology to analyze 24699 reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook to find patients' favorite surgeons in the area. Our team then went through and hand picked our list of the best Optometrists in Indianapolis.

Dr. Tavel Corporate Office

2835 Lafayette Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46222

4.8 out of 5 (1183 reviews)


Customers had overwhelmingly positive experiences at this eye care center. They praised the doctors for being thorough and attentive during eye exams, appreciated the helpful and friendly staff, and found the facility to be clean and organized. Some reviewers mentioned a wait time for glasses, but overall, they were satisfied with the service and would recommend the center to others.


  • Excellent service for children with special needs: The staff at this eye care center showed exceptional care and patience with a 9-year-old child with autism during his eye exam. The experience was described as the best ever.
  • Welcoming and organized facility: Many reviewers praised the cleanliness and organization of the facility. They felt valued as customers and were impressed by the friendly and helpful staff. This eye care center is recommended for anyone in need of glasses or an eye exam.
  • Thorough eye exams: Customers appreciated the attention to detail and thoroughness of the eye exams conducted by the doctors. They were impressed by the explanation of each step and the ability to address any concerns or questions.

Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care

3636 S East St, Indianapolis, IN 46227

4.8 out of 5 (970 reviews)


The majority of reviews for this eye care center are very positive. Customers highlight the friendly and professional staff, thorough eye exams, and helpful assistance in choosing glasses. Some reviewers mention specific instances where the staff went above and beyond to accommodate their needs. However, there are a few negative reviews mentioning issues with prescription accuracy and customer service.


  • Friendly and accommodating staff: Multiple reviews mention that the staff at this eye care center were kind, friendly, and patient. They were willing to handle children during eye exams, provided little gifts for good behavior, and were helpful in explaining procedures and answering questions.
  • Thorough and professional eye exams: Customers appreciated the thoroughness of the eye exams and the level of detail provided by the doctors. The exams were conducted in a timely manner without feeling rushed, and the doctors took the time to explain results in understandable terms. Some reviews also mention that advanced techniques, such as color imaging to examine the eyes, were utilized.
  • Convenient and flexible scheduling: The eye care center was praised for its prompt service and flexibility in accommodating patients' needs. Several reviews mentioned being able to get same-day appointments, even for medical issues, and the staff's willingness to work around the patient's schedule.

Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care

2940 E 38th St Suite B, Indianapolis, IN 46218

4.7 out of 5 (478 reviews)


Overall, the reviews for the eye care center on E. 38th St. in Indianapolis are overwhelmingly positive. Customers praise the friendly and knowledgeable staff, efficient service, and helpfulness in picking out glasses. The eye doctors are described as professional and attentive, and the overall customer service is highly recommended. However, there is one review that mentions a negative experience with a botched pair of glasses, but it was later updated to reflect the positive changes under new management.


  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff: Many reviewers mentioned the friendly and knowledgeable staff at this eye care center, highlighting their efficient service and helpfulness in guiding them through their eye exams and frame selections.
  • Quick appointments and turnaround time: Several reviewers mentioned that they were able to get quick appointments and receive their glasses within a reasonable time frame, highlighting the efficient and prompt service provided by the staff.
  • Excellent customer service: Reviewers consistently praised the exceptional customer service provided by the staff at this eye care center, mentioning their patience, kindness, and willingness to answer questions and address concerns.

inVista Optical

640 E Michigan St B, Indianapolis, IN 46202

4.8 out of 5 (59 reviews)


Customers highly praise Dr. Jahnke and her team at inVista Optical for their thorough and transparent eye exams. They appreciate the professionalism, modern equipment, and personalized care provided by the staff. The convenient location, wide selection of frames, and exceptional customer service make inVista Optical a top choice for eye care needs.


  • Thorough and Transparent Eye Exams: Multiple reviewers mentioned that the eye exams provided at this center were thorough and comprehensive. They appreciated that all their questions were answered and that the pricing was transparent.
  • Professional and Personalized Care: Reviewers praised the professional and courteous service they received from the staff and the optometrist. They felt that their needs were met and that they received personalized attention throughout their visit.
  • Convenient Location and Walk-In Accessibility: Several reviewers mentioned that the location of the center was convenient and easily accessible. They appreciated that the center was within walking distance. Additionally, the center was open on Saturdays, which was a convenient option for out-of-town visitors.

Macha Eye Care at Fountain Square

1429 Shelby St, Indianapolis, IN 46203

4.7 out of 5 (66 reviews)


Overall, the majority of reviewers had positive experiences at Macha Eye Care. They praised the friendly and helpful staff, the use of top-of-the-line technology, and the transparency about costs and insurance coverage. However, there were some negative reviews that mentioned poor experiences with specific optometrists, such as one who provided incorrect information about contact lenses and another who allegedly performed an eye exam improperly.


  • Friendly and attentive staff: Multiple reviews mention the staff at Macha Eye Care being kind, patient, and informative. Patients feel like they are treated as individuals and not just a number.
  • Transparent about costs and insurance coverage: The clinic is commended for being transparent about costs and what will be covered under insurance, ensuring that patients feel informed and aware of their financial options.
  • LGBTQ+ and trans friendly: One review specifically mentions that the clinic is LGBTQ+ and trans friendly, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all patients.

Meridian Vision Center

2291 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46208

5 out of 5 (15 reviews)


Meridian Vision Center has a friendly and helpful staff. They provide thorough and efficient eye exams, and offer assistance in choosing glasses that suit individual preferences. Patients appreciate the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.


  • The staff at Meridian Vision Center is patient, helpful, and kind, making the experience of picking out glasses and receiving an eye exam enjoyable.
  • The eye care center offers efficient and quick appointments, ensuring that patients are not kept waiting unnecessarily.
  • The optometrist and staff at Meridian Vision Center go above and beyond to provide a positive and welcoming environment, making patients feel comfortable and attended to.

Eye Specialists Of Indiana

3530 S Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227

5 out of 5 (5 reviews)


Customers had positive experiences at the eye care center, with one reviewer praising the thorough examination and presentation of options for their cataracts. Another customer expressed satisfaction with their cataract surgery and follow-up but mentioned experiencing slight blurriness in their right eye and hoped to find some answers during their upcoming visit.


  • Highly recommended by an eye doctor for cataract treatment: One reviewer expressed that their eye doctor specifically recommended this eye care center for cataract treatment, indicating that the center has a strong reputation and expertise in this area.
  • Thorough eye exams and clear communication: Another reviewer appreciated the fact that they received a thorough eye exam and were provided with clear explanations of their options. This suggests that the center is dedicated to providing comprehensive care and effective communication with their patients.
  • Successful cataract surgery and attentive follow-up: Although not explicitly mentioned as a pro, the mention of successful cataract surgery and follow-up in one of the reviews demonstrates that the center has the ability to provide successful procedures and is committed to ensuring patient satisfaction through attentive follow-up care.

IU School Of Optometry

1160 W Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN 46202

4.7 out of 5 (7 reviews)


This eye care center has been serving the reviewer's eye appointments for 6 years, with helpful and professional staff. The reviewer also appreciates their effort in ensuring comfort while having their eye glasses repaired. Dr. Shlater is highly praised, described as awesome.


  • Helpful and professional staff: Reviewers appreciated the helpful and professional nature of the staff at this eye care center, making for a positive experience during their appointments and eye glasses repairs.
  • Dr. Shlater is highly praised: One reviewer specifically mentioned that Dr. Shlater is "awesome." This positive feedback suggests that the eye care center has a skilled and personable optometrist, which could be a significant advantage for those seeking eye exams and care.
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