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VisionCenter is committed to connecting patients to the best local healthcare providers. We reviewed 106 Optometrists in Oak Ridge, TN, and chose this list based on their:

  • Qualifications and education
  • Years of experience
  • Reputation and resources
  • Past customer experiences

We used AI technology to analyze 14193 reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook to find patients' favorite surgeons in the area. Our team then went through and hand picked our list of the best Optometrists in Oak Ridge.

Karns Vision

7686 Oak Ridge Hwy, Knoxville, TN 37931

5 out of 5 (846 reviews)


Karns Vision Center receives overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. Customers appreciate the friendly and helpful staff, as well as the relaxed atmosphere and professionalism of the doctors. The eye exams are described as thorough and comprehensive, and customers feel well taken care of throughout the entire process. They highly recommend Karns Vision Center for eye care needs.


  • Beautiful office with a relaxed atmosphere and tasteful decoration.
  • Friendly and helpful staff who provide excellent customer service.
  • Thorough and comprehensive eye exams performed by knowledgeable doctors.
  • Personalized care and attention to detail during the eye exam and glasses selection process.
  • State-of-the-art equipment for advanced testing and detection of eye issues.
  • Convenient same-day appointments available for urgent medical problems.
  • Welcoming and supportive environment for individuals with unique needs or circumstances.
  • Wide selection of frames and options, including brand names and gender-neutral styles.
  • Flexible payment options and willingness to work with patients to accommodate their needs.
  • Faith-based approach and meaningful connections with patients.

Hardin Valley Eyecare & Optical

10904 Spring Bluff Way, Knoxville, TN 37932

4.9 out of 5 (439 reviews)


Overall, the reviews for Hardin Valley Eyecare and Optical are overwhelmingly positive. Customers appreciate the ease of scheduling appointments, thorough eye exams, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and a wide selection of frames. However, there was one negative review mentioning issues with the receptionist's attitude and lack of enthusiasm for assisting the customer. Despite this, the majority of customers highly recommend this eye care center for their eye exam needs.


  • Easy appointment scheduling and thorough eye exams: Multiple reviewers mentioned that it was easy to set up appointments and that they received thorough eye exams. This indicates that the eye care center is efficient and provides comprehensive care.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff: Several reviewers praised the staff for being knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. This suggests that the staff members are professional and provide good customer service, making patients feel welcomed and comfortable.
  • Wide selection of frames: One reviewer mentioned that the eye care center has a huge selection of frames to choose from, indicating that they offer a diverse range of options for patients looking to purchase new glasses or sunglasses.

The Eye Group - West Office

11124 Kingston Pike STE 127, Knoxville, TN 37934

4.8 out of 5 (368 reviews)


The Eye Group receives positive reviews for their friendly and professional staff, particularly mentioning the pleasant demeanor of the front desk staff, technicians, and eye doctors. Reviewers appreciate the thoroughness of the eye exams and the efficient process of completing the exams and picking up glasses. However, there are a few negative reviews mentioning long wait times, difficulties with paperwork, and frustration with the pricing of frames. Overall, most reviewers recommend The Eye Group for their eye exams and the care provided by the staff.


  • The staff, including the front desk and technicians, are extremely friendly, accommodating, and professional.
  • The eye exams are thorough and the doctors provide excellent care.
  • The staff is helpful and efficient in answering questions and providing adjustments for eyeglasses.

Farragut Eye Clinic

11232 W Point Dr, Farragut, TN 37934

4.9 out of 5 (355 reviews)


The Farragut Eye Clinic receives overwhelmingly positive reviews for its efficient and friendly staff, as well as for the thorough and knowledgeable eye exams conducted by Dr. Desai and Dr. Lina Desai. Patients appreciate the promptness of their appointments and the helpfulness of the staff in choosing frames. The clinic is highly recommended for those seeking a welcoming environment and excellent customer service.


  • Immediate and efficient service: The clinic is known for accommodating emergency cases quickly, even for patients who are not established with them. The office staff expedited the check-in process, and patients were seen within 15 minutes of arrival.
  • Thorough and knowledgeable doctors: Both Dr. Desai and Dr. Lina Desai were praised for their thoroughness during eye exams. They took the time to explain the results and offered alternative solutions when necessary. They also demonstrated knowledge in pointing out other potential health issues that could be detected through eye examinations.

Insight Eyecare

9261 Middlebrook Pike #201, Knoxville, TN 37931

4.9 out of 5 (298 reviews)


Insight Eyecare and Dr. Hal Phillips receive glowing reviews from patients. The staff is described as friendly, professional, and helpful. Dr. Phillips is praised for his thoroughness, knowledge, and ability to explain the eye examination process. The clinic is commended for its clean and inviting environment, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to patient care. Overall, Insight Eyecare is highly recommended for eye exams and vision correction.


  • Friendly and welcoming staff.
  • Thorough and comprehensive eye exams.
  • Knowledgeable and skilled optometrist.
  • Professional and clean environment.
  • Staff takes time to explain procedures and answer questions.
  • Great experience for both adults and children.
  • State-of-the-art technology used for exams.
  • Staff is accommodating of patients with special needs.
  • Excellent customer service and high level of care.
  • Emergency eye care appointments available.

Premier Eyecare

11111 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37934

4.8 out of 5 (245 reviews)


The reviews generally praise the eye care center and the staff, mentioning the thoroughness of the eye exams and the professionalism of the doctors. The facility is described as clean and modern, and the staff are friendly and provide great customer service. There are a few negative reviews mentioning a focus on selling glasses and frames, but overall, the majority of reviews recommend the eye care center.


  • The staff is highly praised for being friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.
  • The eye exams at this location are described as thorough, comprehensive, and utilizing state-of-the-art technology.
  • The facility is clean, modern, and conveniently located.

Fox Chase Optometry

929 E Tri County Blvd, Oliver Springs, TN 37840

5 out of 5 (203 reviews)


The eye care center received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. The staff was described as friendly, patient, and helpful. The eye doctors were praised for being thorough, knowledgeable, and taking the time to explain everything to patients. The overall experience was said to be professional, personal, and affordable, making it a highly recommended place for eye exams and care.


  • Convenient online scheduling.
  • Friendly and patient staff, especially with children and individuals with special needs.
  • Thorough and informative eye exams.
  • Affordable and high-quality glasses.
  • Not rushed or pushed to make decisions.
  • Clean and inviting facility.
  • Excellent customer service and personalized care.
  • No hassle with paperwork or insurance.
  • Latest technology in a cozy office.
  • Knowledgeable and caring optometrist.

Oak Ridge Vision Center

1143 Oak Ridge Turnpike # 103, Oak Ridge, TN 37830

4.8 out of 5 (177 reviews)


The majority of the reviews for this eye care center are positive. Patients appreciate the friendly and professional staff, thorough eye exams, and helpfulness in selecting glasses. However, there are a few negative reviews mentioning issues with double billing for contact lens exams, lackluster customer service at the front desk, and a negative experience with receiving contacts. Overall, the eye care center seems to provide quality care, but there are some areas that could be improved upon.


  • Friendly and helpful staff.
  • Thorough and enjoyable eye exams.
  • Affordable prices for frames and lenses.

The Eye Center of Oak Ridge

90 Vermont Ave, Oak Ridge, TN 37830

4.7 out of 5 (143 reviews)


The overall consensus of the reviews is overwhelmingly positive. Patients praise the friendly and professional staff, particularly Dr. Baker, Dr. Kuneman, Dr. Speckner, and Dr. Dahl, for their thorough and compassionate care. The Eye Center is described as quick, comfortable, and highly recommended, with many patients expressing their trust and loyalty to the clinic. However, there are a couple of negative experiences mentioned, including a disrespectful doctor and a long wait time for an appointment.


  • Friendly and professional staff: Multiple reviewers mentioned the welcoming and professional demeanor of the staff members, including Jennifer at registration, Molly during the eye exam, and Dr. Baker.
  • Excellent care and results: Several reviewers praised the eye exams and eye care services, as well as the results of their cataract surgeries. They expressed satisfaction and mentioned that they wouldn't go anywhere else for their eye care needs.
  • Quick and efficient service: Reviewers mentioned that the staff members were quick and thorough during their eye exams, and that the center was efficient in making appointments and providing care.
  • Note: The assistant has condensed the provided reviews to highlight the positive aspects of this eye care center.

Vision Best Eye Care

11663 Parkside Dr, Knoxville, TN 37934

4.7 out of 5 (35 reviews)


Customers had overwhelmingly positive experiences at this eye care center. They praised Dr. Best and her staff for being kind, thorough, and knowledgeable. Patients appreciated the prompt and seamless care they received, with many stating they wouldn't go anywhere else for their eye care needs.


  • Friendly and attentive staff who provide excellent customer service.
  • Dr. Best is knowledgeable, thorough, and takes the time to listen to patients' needs and concerns.
  • The office is clean, comfortable, and equipped with high-tech equipment for a comprehensive eye exam experience.

Eye Center of Oak Ridge: Thomas Dahl, MD

90 Vermont Ave, Oak Ridge, TN 37830

5 out of 5 (12 reviews)


Dr. Dahl at the Eye Center is highly recommended for his kind and patient demeanor, conservative approach to treatment, and honesty. The staff and assistants are pleasant and courageous. The practice is known for its professional and friendly manner, efficient processes, and great doctors. They provide thorough and professional treatment and are highly recommended.


  • Highly recommended by multiple reviewers: Customers praise the eye care center for their kind and patient doctors, as well as the friendly and pleasant staff.
  • Trustworthy and reliable: Reviewers mention that they have been using the eye care center for years, even after moving to another city, emphasizing their trust in the center for their vision needs.
  • Efficient service: The eye care center is praised for their quick response and efficient handling of prescription requests, as well as their professional and thorough approach to eye care.
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