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VisionCenter is committed to connecting patients to the best local healthcare providers. We reviewed 93 Optometrists in Doylestown, PA, and chose this list based on their:

  • Qualifications and education
  • Years of experience
  • Reputation and resources
  • Past customer experiences

We used AI technology to analyze 6533 reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook to find patients' favorite surgeons in the area. Our team then went through and hand picked our list of the best Optometrists in Doylestown.

Pennridge Family Eye Care

174 N Main St, Dublin, PA 18917

4.9 out of 5 (453 reviews)


Pennridge Family Eye Care is highly praised for their friendly and professional staff, thorough and comprehensive eye exams, and efficient service. Customers appreciate the comfortable and clean environment, as well as the accommodating and knowledgeable doctors. Many reviewers mention their satisfaction with the glasses selection and the convenience of the practice. Overall, Pennridge Family Eye Care is highly recommended for routine eye care and urgent eye issues.


  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff: Multiple reviews mention the friendly and accommodating staff, from the receptionist to the doctors. This creates a welcoming and comfortable environment for patients.
  • Thorough and comprehensive eye exams: Many reviewers highlight the level of detail and thoroughness in the eye exams provided by the doctors. They appreciate the comprehensive approach, which ensures that all their needs are addressed.
  • Efficient and convenient service: The eye care center is praised for its efficiency and convenience. Reviewers mention easy scheduling, prompt appointments, and hassle-free insurance processes. Additionally, the text message reminders for appointments and notifications about glasses being ready are appreciated.

Matossian Eye Associates - Doylestown Office

501 Hyde Park Route 202, Doylestown, PA 18902

4.8 out of 5 (359 reviews)


The first review mentions higher prices and difficulties with the billing department since the center is now owned by Prism Vision Group. The second review praises the friendly and professional staff and recommends the practice. The third review also commends the staff and describes a positive experience with a laser procedure. The fourth review recounts a terrible experience of unsanitary conditions and dissatisfaction with the practice. The fifth review recommends the practice for eye exams but advises against getting contacts there due to an inefficient system. The sixth review highlights the professionalism and care of the staff during eye exams and procedures. The seventh and eighth reviews express satisfaction with the knowledgeable staff and thorough eye exams. The ninth and tenth reviews highly recommend the practice and mention thorough eye exams and professional service. The eleventh review expresses frustration with difficulty in contacting the financial consultant. The twelfth review praises the detailed check-up and the professionalism of the staff and doctor. The thirteenth review criticizes Dr. Lesniak's poor people skills and lack of treatment for a contagious eye problem. The fourteenth review commends Dr. Matossian and her team for their expertise with dry eyes. The fifteenth review describes a negative experience with improper payment and a breach of confidentiality. The sixteenth review praises Matossian Eye Associates for their well-trained staff and care throughout the process. The seventeenth review expresses disappointment in not meeting with the doctor and the long waiting time. The eighteenth review appreciates the friendly and professional staff and the excellent care provided by Dr. Desai. The nineteenth review mentions dissatisfaction regarding an unexpected expensive procedure not covered by insurance.


  • Excellent doctors and staff: Many reviewers praised the competence and professionalism of the doctors and staff at this eye care center.
  • Thorough and informative eye exams: Several reviewers mentioned that the eye exams were comprehensive and that the doctors took the time to explain their findings and treatment plans.
  • Friendly and courteous staff: Multiple reviewers highlighted the friendly and polite nature of the staff, making the overall experience pleasant.

Warrington Eye Care

1432 Easton Rd Ste 3E, Warrington, PA 18976

5 out of 5 (268 reviews)


The reviews for Warrington Eye Care are overwhelmingly positive, with many patients praising the friendly and knowledgeable staff, clean office, and thorough eye exams. The doctors, particularly Dr. Kueny, Dr. Niehaus, and Dr. Vient, are highly recommended for their professionalism, patience, and ability to explain the exam process. The office is also commended for its efficient service, convenience of obtaining glasses on-site, and responsiveness to emergencies.


  • The doctors at Warrington Eye Care are thorough and provide balanced opinions on whether to change a prescription or not.
  • The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and provides excellent customer service.
  • The office is clean, comfortable, and has a personal touch to make patients feel cared for.

DaVinci Eye Care, LLC

600 Louis Dr #203-A, Warminster, PA 18974

5 out of 5 (229 reviews)


The majority of the reviews for DaVinci Eye Care are extremely positive. Customers mention the friendly and professional staff, the thorough exams performed by the doctors, and the clean and organized office. Many reviewers highly recommend this eye care center for their eye exams and eye care needs.


  • Friendly and professional staff: Multiple reviews mention the friendly and professional staff at DaVinci Eye Care. The staff is described as helpful, accommodating, and knowledgeable, making the overall experience pleasant for patients.
  • Thorough and comprehensive exams: Reviewers highlight the thoroughness of the eye exams conducted at DaVinci Eye Care. The optometrists are described as performing detailed exams, answering all questions, and addressing concerns, providing patients with comprehensive eye care.
  • Clean and organized facility: Several reviews mention the cleanliness and organization of the office at DaVinci Eye Care. Patients appreciate the sanitized and well-kept environment, contributing to a positive experience during their visit.

The Eye Care Center

179 York Rd, Warminster, PA 18974

4.9 out of 5 (220 reviews)


The majority of the reviews mention positive experiences with the eye doctors and staff at The Eye Care Center. Dr. Csonka is specifically praised for being thorough, attentive, and patient. The staff is described as friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Some patients appreciate the attention to detail and COVID-19 safety measures. The only negative feedback is regarding the cleanliness of the facility and some interactions with specific staff members. The cost of services is mentioned by a few reviewers, with a few expressing that it may be expensive without insurance coverage. Overall, patients highly recommend visiting The Eye Care Center for eye care needs.


  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff: Multiple reviews mention how the staff at The Eye Care Center are knowledgeable, friendly, and take the time to answer any questions or concerns.
  • Great selection of frames: Reviewers appreciate the wide selection of frames available at the Eyeglass Salon associated with the practice, and how the staff helped them find frames that fit their needs and preferences.
  • Professional and thorough eye exams: Many reviewers mention that the eye exams they received at The Eye Care Center were thorough and conducted by knowledgeable doctors who took the time to address their concerns and explain the process.

Monisha M. Vora, MD

865 Easton Rd Ste 240, Warrington, PA 18976

4.9 out of 5 (63 reviews)


Northern Ophthalmalic Associates is highly recommended by multiple reviewers, praising Dr. Monisha Vora and her team for their professionalism, thoroughness, and excellent eye care. Patients spoke highly of the cataract surgeries performed by Dr. Vora, praising her knowledge and skill in providing excellent results and improving their vision. Overall, reviewers were pleased with the care and experience they received at this eye care center.


  • Friendly and professional staff: Multiple reviews mention that the staff at Northern Ophthamalic Associates is friendly, professional, and pleasant to interact with. This creates a positive and comfortable environment for patients.
  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable doctor: Dr. Monisha Vora receives praise for her expertise and knowledge in the field of ophthalmology. Patients appreciate her thoroughness, ability to answer questions, and her skillful surgical procedures.
  • Excellent results: Several reviews highlight the positive outcomes of eye care and surgeries performed by Dr. Vora. Patients are pleased with their vision improvement and restoration, and many mention achieving 20/20 vision or no longer needing glasses for certain activities.

Design For Vision

2395 York Rd., Jamison, PA 18929

4.7 out of 5 (43 reviews)


The reviews for this eye care center are overwhelmingly positive. Customers praise the thoroughness and pleasantness of the eye doctors and the helpfulness of the staff. Many reviewers mention that they have been long-time patients and highly recommend the practice. The selection of frames and the customer service are also highly regarded.


  • Thorough and pleasant eye exams: Multiple reviews highlight the thoroughness and pleasantness of the eye exams at this location. Patients appreciate the detailed explanations and care provided by the doctors.
  • Excellent customer service: The staff at this eye care center is praised for their kindness, professionalism, and willingness to answer questions. Patients feel supported and taken care of throughout their experience, from selecting frames to getting measured for glasses.
  • Trustworthy and caring doctor: Dr. Mark Schnitzel is highly recommended by patients for his knowledge, attentiveness, and professionalism. He takes the time to explain and discuss test results, making patients feel comfortable and confident in his care.

Pearle Vision

74 Coulter Ave, Ardmore, PA 19003

4.6 out of 5 (46 reviews)


The majority of the reviews for this eye care center are positive, with customers praising the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff, particularly highlighting Dr. Jack Hauler and Tina, the optician. The reviewers mentioned that the staff took their time to explain options, assist with frame selection, and ensure customer satisfaction. There were a few negative reviews that mentioned poor service, rude staff, and administrative issues. Overall, customers had a good experience with the eye exams and selecting glasses at this center.


  • The staff at this eye care center are welcoming, helpful, and informative. They provide excellent customer service and assist customers in finding the right glasses frames.
  • The optometrist, Dr. Jack Hauler, is friendly, thorough, and takes the time to answer any questions. He provides updated prescriptions for both contacts and glasses promptly.
  • The selection of frames at this location is great, with options for everyone's needs and preferences. The store is clean and the staff are knowledgeable in helping customers choose the right glasses.


4391 W Swamp Rd, Doylestown, PA 18902

4.5 out of 5 (44 reviews)


Customers had great experiences at this eye care center, praising the friendly and helpful staff, clean environment, and thorough eye exams. Many reviewers specifically mentioned Dr. Patel and Charina as being knowledgeable and providing excellent service. Customers appreciated the attention to detail and the willingness to go above and beyond to ensure their eye needs were met. However, some negative feedback mentioned that the location is not open on Saturdays and highlighted issues with the corporate side of things. Overall, the majority of customers were highly satisfied with their visits to this eye care center.


  • Friendly and helpful staff: Multiple reviews mention the friendly and helpful staff, creating a positive experience for patients.
  • Thorough and comfortable eye exams: Reviews highlight the thoroughness and comfort of the eye exams, ensuring that patients feel well taken care of during their visit.
  • Personalized and knowledgeable service: Reviewers mention the personalized service they received from the staff and the knowledgeable doctors who take the time to listen to their concerns and provide tailored solutions for their eye care needs.
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