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VisionCenter is committed to connecting patients to the best local healthcare providers. We reviewed 136 Optometrists in Macedonia, OH, and chose this list based on their:

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We used AI technology to analyze 22606 reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook to find patients' favorite surgeons in the area. Our team then went through and hand picked our list of the best Optometrists in Macedonia.

Cleveland Eye Clinic

7001 S Edgerton Rd suite b, Brecksville, OH 44141

4.9 out of 5 (713 reviews)


Cleveland Eye Clinic receives consistently positive reviews regarding the friendly and thorough nature of the staff, as well as the knowledgeable and caring approach of the doctors. Patients appreciate the personalized care and attention they receive during eye exams and procedures, and many report improved vision and successful outcomes. The clinic is praised for its efficient and accommodating environment, with a clean and well-decorated office. However, there is a complaint regarding difficulty in reaching the clinic via phone calls.


  • The staff at this eye care center is described as extremely warm, friendly, and unhurried. They provide thorough and comprehensive eye examinations, making patients feel confident in their clinical skills and abilities.
  • The center is highly recommended for pediatric eye exams, with a specific mention of how well they cater to young patients by making the exam fun and engaging. Parents appreciate the personalized care and attention given to their children during the appointment.
  • The doctors and staff go above and beyond to ensure patient satisfaction. They take the time to answer questions, explain options, and provide a fully informed choice for treatments and prescriptions. The clinic's efforts are described as an "above and beyond" service, making patients grateful for the work done to resolve their eye issues successfully.

Cleveland Eye Clinic

320 Broadway Ave Ste C, Bedford, OH 44146

4.9 out of 5 (368 reviews)


The reviews for this eye care center are overwhelmingly positive. Patients appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable staff, as well as the thoroughness of the eye exams. The office is clean and follows Covid protocols, and they are particularly good with accommodating older patients and children. Some negative feedback is given, but those instances seem to be isolated. Overall, the Cleveland Eye Clinic comes highly recommended for its professionalism and quality of care.


  • The staff is friendly, helpful, and great with patients of all ages, including children and the elderly.
  • The office is clean and follows proper COVID protocols.
  • The doctors are knowledgeable, punctual, and provide thorough eye exams.
  • The staff is attentive to patients' needs and concerns, making sure to address specific health issues, such as diabetes.
  • The office provides a wide selection of eyewear and offers a one-stop-shop experience.
  • The clinic is recommended by many patients, who feel confident in the staff's abilities and professionalism.

Aurora Eye Care

220 S Chillicothe Rd, Aurora, OH 44202

5 out of 5 (338 reviews)


Customers rave about the extensive and thorough eye exams provided at Aurora Eyecare. The staff is described as friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable, creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Customers appreciate the quality eyewear options and the assistance provided in selecting frames. Dr. Smargiasso is highly praised for his competence, kindness, and concern for patients' eye health. Overall, Aurora Eyecare is highly recommended for its outstanding care and professionalism.


  • Extensive and thorough eye exams: Many reviewers praised the eye care center for providing the most extensive eye exams they had ever had. This indicates that they prioritize comprehensive eye care and take the time to thoroughly evaluate their patients' vision and eye health.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff: Multiple reviews highlight the friendly and accommodating nature of the staff at the eye care center. They are described as caring, kind, and helpful. This suggests that the staff is attentive to patients' needs and provides a welcoming and comfortable environment.
  • Wide selection of eyeglasses and assistance with frame selection: Reviewers mention that the eye care center offers a variety of eyeglass frames and takes the time to help patients find the frames that suit them best. Furthermore, they provide assistance with insurance coverage, ensuring that patients receive the best value for their eyecare needs. This indicates that the center offers a convenient option for individuals looking to purchase new glasses.

Infinity Eye Care

9981 Vail Dr, Twinsburg, OH 44087

5 out of 5 (204 reviews)


Infinity Eye Care is highly recommended by multiple reviewers for their thorough and knowledgeable eye exams conducted by Dr. McKinnis. Patients appreciate the friendly and professional staff, the state-of-the-art equipment, and the accommodating nature of the practice. The office is clean and modern, and the optometrist takes the time to explain procedures and answer all questions. Overall, Infinity Eye Care provides a great experience and is highly recommended by its patients.


  • Thorough and knowledgeable optometrist: Dr. McKinnis is praised for his thoroughness and knowledge in diagnosing eye conditions, including a detached retina.
  • Friendly and accommodating staff: The staff at Infinity Eye Care is described as friendly, patient, and helpful. They take the time to answer questions and provide personalized care.
  • Modern equipment and state-of-the-art office: Infinity Eye Care is equipped with modern and up-to-date equipment, ensuring a thorough and efficient eye exam. The office is described as clean and well-maintained, creating a professional atmosphere.

Gale's Vision Care

33541 Aurora Rd, Solon, OH 44139

4.6 out of 5 (217 reviews)


The staff at the eye care center is described as friendly, professional, and attentive. Patients appreciate the thoroughness of their eye exams and the use of high-tech equipment. The doctors are praised for their expertise and ability to explain findings to patients. Overall, many reviewers recommend this eye care center for its quality service and care.


  • Thorough and comprehensive eye exams
  • Friendly and professional staff
  • High-tech equipment for advanced eye care

Clarkson Eyecare

8051 Vesta Ave # 2, Northfield, OH 44067

4.7 out of 5 (155 reviews)


Overall, the reviews for this eye care center are overwhelmingly positive. Customers consistently mention the comprehensive and thorough eye exams, the professionalism and friendliness of the staff, and the wide selection of eyewear. There are also a few reviews that mention specific doctors by name and highlight their exceptional care and attention. However, there are a couple of negative reviews that mention issues with pricing and some negative experiences with certain doctors.


  • Comprehensive eye exams that include many tests without additional expense
  • Knowledgeable and attentive doctors who listen to patients' questions and provide clear answers
  • Professional and friendly staff who provide thorough and courteous care

Dr. William Keller/Cleveland Eye Clinic - Hudson

130 W Streetsboro St, Hudson, OH 44236

5 out of 5 (90 reviews)


Patients consistently praise Dr. Keller and his staff for their kindness, attentiveness, and thorough explanations during eye exams. The use of an internal eye exam camera without dilating drops is a special feature that is appreciated by patients. The office staff is professional, efficient, and helpful, while Dr. Keller himself is knowledgeable, thorough, and takes the time to address concerns. Overall, patients have had positive experiences, with the practice providing a clean and well-equipped environment. billing issues have been resolved personally by Dr. Keller.


  • Dr. Keller and his staff are kind, attentive, and offer excellent and thorough eye exams.
  • Dr. Keller takes the time to explain concerns and conditions in a clear and understandable way, showing genuine care for his patients.
  • The office staff is professional, friendly, and efficient, ensuring a positive experience.
  • The practice keeps a tight schedule, maintains a clean and well-equipped operation, and offers competitive pricing.
  • Dr. Keller provides outstanding care, with attention to detail and personalized recommendations.
  • The staff is helpful and accommodating, offering compassionate care and going above and beyond to meet patient needs.
  • Dr. Keller is knowledgeable and takes the time to address patient concerns, creating a satisfying experience.
  • The practice offers new technology for a quick and easy exam process.
  • The frame selection is high quality, and the staff offers helpful suggestions in choosing eyeglasses.

Dr. Michelle Ford

8934 Darrow Rd C104, Twinsburg, OH 44087

4.8 out of 5 (68 reviews)


The majority of the reviews highlight positive experiences with Dr. Michelle Ford, praising her intelligence, explanations, and thoroughness in eye exams. The staff assisting with glasses selection are also commended for their courtesy and helpfulness. However, there is one review that mentions poor customer service from the front desk, which raises some concerns for potential return visits. Overall, the reviews indicate that Dr. Ford is a trusted and professional eye doctor, and the clinic provides good service.


  • Dr. Michelle Ford is professional, thorough, and instills confidence in patients during eye exams.
  • The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and provides excellent customer service, especially when it comes to assisting in selecting frames and explaining options for insurance coverage.


5992 Darrow Rd, Hudson, OH 44236

4.6 out of 5 (64 reviews)


The majority of the reviews for this eye care center are highly positive, with several customers praising the friendly and knowledgeable staff, particularly mentioning individuals like Kim, Kristie, and Brittany who provided exceptional service. Many reviewers also appreciated the efficient and thorough eye exams they received. However, there was one negative review that mentioned pushy sales, lack of communication, extra fees, and an abrasive doctor. It's worth noting that the negative review was followed by an update stating that the issue was resolved after the customer posted their feedback.


  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff: Many reviewers mentioned that the staff at this eye care center is friendly, helpful, and patient with any questions or concerns. This creates a positive and welcoming experience for patients.
  • Thorough and efficient eye exams: Multiple reviewers mentioned that their eye exams were thorough and quick. They appreciated that the doctors took the time to provide helpful information and address any issues.
  • Excellent customer service: Reviewers praised the exceptional customer service provided by the staff, highlighting their willingness to go above and beyond to assist patients. This includes helping with frame selection, addressing billing concerns, and ensuring overall satisfaction.

Karen Murray OD

6175 SOM Ctr Rd #100, Solon, OH 44139

4.7 out of 5 (40 reviews)


Dr. Karen Murray at this eye care center is highly recommended for her excellent and thorough eye exams. She is personable, honest, and takes the time to understand her patients' needs. She is also helpful in choosing frames and provides professional suggestions and options. However, some reviewers have mentioned difficulties in scheduling appointments and filling out forms, suggesting that the process could be streamlined. Overall, Dr. Murray is praised for her expertise, caring nature, and commitment to improving her patients' vision.


  • Dr. Karen Murray is described as personable, honest, and dedicated to providing excellent service. Patients appreciate her detailed eye exams and her willingness to accommodate their schedules.
  • Dr. Murray is knowledgeable and helpful in selecting frames that suit patients' preferences and budgets. She takes the time to understand patients' needs and provides professional suggestions and options.
  • The office environment is described as kind, welcoming, and clean. The staff is patient and informative, ensuring patients have a clear understanding of their eye health. They also use the latest technology for comprehensive eye exams.

Specs Eyecare - Hudson

100 First St, Hudson, OH 44236

4.8 out of 5 (33 reviews)


This eye care center has received positive reviews for their friendly and knowledgeable staff who provide thorough eye examinations and assist customers in selecting frames. Many customers appreciate the helpfulness and personal service they receive, as well as the variety of affordable options available. However, there have been a couple of complaints about phone communication. Overall, the service, selection of frames, and professionalism of the staff have been consistently praised.


  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff who provide thorough eye examinations and assist with frame selection.
  • Excellent customer service, with staff who are attentive, personable, and helpful.
  • Good selection of frames and a professional atmosphere.
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