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VisionCenter is committed to connecting patients to the best local healthcare providers. We reviewed 133 Optometrists in Beavercreek, OH, and chose this list based on their:

  • Qualifications and education
  • Years of experience
  • Reputation and resources
  • Past customer experiences

We used AI technology to analyze 13378 reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook to find patients' favorite surgeons in the area. Our team then went through and hand picked our list of the best Optometrists in Beavercreek.

Stahl Vision Inc.

4235 Indian Ripple Rd, Dayton, OH 45440

4.8 out of 5 (322 reviews)


Overall, the reviews for the eye care center are mostly positive. Patients express satisfaction with their Lasik surgeries and the friendly staff. However, some reviewers mention long wait times and feeling rushed during their appointments. It is also noted that the surgery itself is quick and painless, with patients experiencing improved vision post-surgery.


  • Highly skilled doctors: Patients praised the doctors at this eye care center, specifically mentioning Dr. Knowles and Dr. Stahl, for their expertise and ability to perform successful eye surgeries like Lasik and PRK.
  • Friendly and supportive staff: Many reviewers commented on the friendly and supportive nature of the staff at this eye care center, including technicians who held their hands during the procedures. The staff was also praised for being informative, answering questions, and providing assistance throughout the entire process.

Nova Vision Care

4244 Indian Ripple Rd, Beavercreek, OH 45440

4.6 out of 5 (295 reviews)


Positive reviews praised the friendly and professional staff at Nova Vision Care, stating that they provided thorough and precise eye exams. Reviewers appreciated the cleanliness of the office, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and were impressed with the wide selection of frames and glasses offered at reasonable prices.


  • Friendly and professional staff: Multiple reviews mentioned the friendly and professional staff at Nova Vision Care. They were described as treating patients like family and providing thorough and precise eye exams.
  • Clean and safe environment: One review mentioned the cleanliness of the office, particularly in relation to COVID-19 precautions. The reviewer felt that the staff took the health of their patients seriously.
  • Knowledgeable doctors and comprehensive exams: Several reviews praised the doctors at Nova Vision Care for their thoroughness and knowledge. Patients mentioned receiving comprehensive eye exams and appreciated the doctors' ability to address their concerns and provide helpful advice.

Dr. Sheri Su

2727 Fairfield Cmns Spc W179, Beavercreek, OH 45431

4.9 out of 5 (243 reviews)


The majority of the reviews are highly positive, with patients praising Dr. Su and her staff for their thorough and informative eye exams. Patients appreciate the personalized care, professional service, and friendly demeanor of the staff. However, one review mentions a negative experience with a patronizing doctor and another mentions a frustrating situation with the payment for contact lenses. Overall, the eye care center receives positive feedback and is recommended by customers.


  • Dr. Sue and her staff provide enjoyable, informative, and thorough eye exams.
  • The staff is friendly, professional, and efficient, ensuring a pleasant experience.
  • Dr. Su takes her time during exams and explains things in understandable ways, instilling confidence in patients.

Jennifer Shade, MD

89 Sylvania Dr, Dayton, OH 45440

4.8 out of 5 (169 reviews)


Overall, Dr. Shade and her staff at the eye care center received positive reviews. Patients appreciated the professionalism and care shown by the staff, with many recommending Dr. Shade to others. There were also mentions of thoroughness in exams and procedures, as well as a high level of satisfaction with the outcomes. However, some reviews expressed concerns about appointment wait times and the duration of visits.


  • The staff members are highly professional, respectful, and caring, making patients feel comfortable and well-cared for during their eye exams.
  • The eye care center offers efficient and convenient services, with all necessary tests being done on the same day, minimizing the need for multiple trips. Additionally, appointments are on-time, ensuring a streamlined experience for patients.
  • Dr. Shade is knowledgeable, thorough, and personable, providing excellent eye exams and surgeries. Patients appreciate her attention to detail and her ability to answer all their questions.

VisionMakers - Kettering

3085 Woodman Dr #100, Dayton, OH 45420

4 out of 5 (127 reviews)


The first review describes a terrible experience, as the reviewer contracted a staff infection after an eye exam and will never return to the eye care center. The second review praises the staff and optometrists, as they provide excellent service, are friendly, helpful, and go above and beyond for their patients. The third review expresses a pleasant first-time experience, with a friendly staff and a comfortable eye exam.


  • Friendly and helpful front desk staff: Multiple reviewers mentioned the front desk staff being polite, helpful, and going above and beyond for patients.
  • Comfortable and pleasant eye exams: Reviewers noted that the staff and doctors provided a positive and comfortable experience during eye exams, including being laid back, friendly, and efficient.

Clarkson Eyecare

5283 Cornerstone N Blvd, Centerville, OH 45440

4.7 out of 5 (85 reviews)


Overall, the positive reviews about the eye care center highlight the precision and thoroughness of the eye exams, as well as the passion and care displayed by the doctors. The staff is consistently described as friendly, professional, and helpful. The office is often commended for following COVID-19 safety protocols and ensuring a comfortable experience for patients.


  • Thorough and detailed eye exams: The doctors at this eye care center take their time and provide detailed examinations, ensuring comprehensive care for their patients.
  • Friendly and professional staff: Many reviewers mention the friendly and helpful staff, who create a welcoming and comfortable environment for patients.
  • Personalized and knowledgeable care: The doctors listen to patients' needs and provide recommendations based on individual situations, showing a high level of expertise and care.

Dr. Brian R. Stahl, MD

4235 Indian Ripple Rd #100, Dayton, OH 45440

4.8 out of 5 (41 reviews)


Dr. Stahl is highly recommended by many patients for LASIK and eye exams. Patients praise his skill, attention to detail, and the longevity of their improved vision. However, there have been a few negative experiences mentioned where patients had concerns about the aftercare and bedside manner of Dr. Stahl. Overall, patients were satisfied with their vision results and the care provided by Dr. Stahl and his staff at Stahl Vision Center.


  • Highly skilled and experienced doctors: Reviewers consistently mention Dr. Stahl's expertise and skill in performing LASIK and other eye surgeries, as well as providing thorough and effective eye exams.
  • Caring and attentive staff: Many reviewers appreciate the caring and attentive nature of the staff at Stahl Vision Center. They feel well taken care of throughout the process, from the initial consultation to follow-up appointments.
  • Great results and improved vision: Numerous reviewers report excellent outcomes from their eye exams and procedures, with improved vision, including 20/20 vision without the need for glasses or contacts.

Zeser Family Eyecare

3351 Dayton Xenia Rd, Beavercreek, OH 45432

4.5 out of 5 (49 reviews)


The eye care center has received positive reviews for their quick and thorough eye examinations, as well as for their patient and helpful staff during the process of purchasing new eyeglasses. Customers have also praised the friendly and knowledgeable nature of Dr. Zeser and his staff, as well as their ability to handle various eye care issues. Overall, customers highly recommend the eye care center for their excellent service and pleasant experiences.


  • Quick and easy eye examinations with knowledgeable and friendly staff.
  • Patient and helpful staff when purchasing new glasses, making the decision-making process easy.
  • Friendly and personable doctors and staff who provide thorough eye examinations and take the time to explain things and answer questions.

Oakwood Eye Clinic

2525 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45419

4.4 out of 5 (50 reviews)


Overall, the majority of the reviews for the eye care center are positive. Patients praised the thoroughness and kindness of the eye doctors, specifically mentioning Dr. Martin and Dr. Studebaker. The staff, particularly Sandy and Megan, were commended for their helpfulness and professionalism. However, there were a few negative reviews that mentioned issues with the service from the office staff and some dissatisfaction related to billing and personal interactions.


  • Thorough and kind eye exams with Dr. Martin
  • Helpful and friendly staff, particularly Sandy, who pays attention to detail.

Family First Vision Care - Beavercreek

4419 Walnut St Unit F-117, Beavercreek, OH 45440

4.5 out of 5 (39 reviews)


Overall, the majority of reviews for this eye care center are positive. Patients appreciated the excellent care, knowledgeable doctors, and helpful staff. However, there were some complaints about long wait times and high costs for glasses.


  • Excellent care and thorough eye exams: Multiple reviews mention that the doctors were knowledgeable, caring, and took their time during the exams. Patients felt that they received the best eye exams they've ever had and appreciated the detailed explanations of their conditions.
  • Friendly and professional staff: Several reviews praise the staff for being helpful, kind, and professional. Patients felt well taken care of and appreciated the positive customer service experience.
  • Clean and organized clinic: Patients mentioned that the clinic appeared tidy and well-organized, creating a pleasant environment for their eye care appointments.

Dr. Margaret A. Hamilton, O.D.

2194 Hewitt Ave, Kettering, OH 45440

5 out of 5 (5 reviews)


Dr. Hamilton at the eye care center provides outstanding and thorough eye exams, especially for children. She takes the time to discuss measurements and concerns, and offers exercises and advice for optimal eye development. The optician/receptionist is also helpful, and they have a wide selection of frames at competitive prices. Overall, customers have had great experiences and highly recommend Dr. Hamilton and her team.


  • Dr. Hamilton provides outstanding and thorough eye exams, even for children, at a surprisingly good price.
  • The staff, including the optician/receptionist, is friendly and helpful, offering additional testing and assistance with frame selection.
  • The doctor and staff are highly professional, making patients feel comfortable and providing thorough and detailed care.

Mehan Eye

1020 Woodman Dr #200, Dayton, OH 45432

4.7 out of 5 (13 reviews)


Overall, the reviews for Mehan Eye are overwhelmingly positive. Patients are praising Dr. Mehan for his thoroughness, expertise, and caring nature. They also commend the staff for being friendly and informative. Some specific highlights include successful LASIK procedures, excellent cataract surgery outcomes, and positive experiences with Dr. Boroff. However, there is one negative review mentioning billing issues and lack of resolution.


  • Highly skilled and thorough doctors: The doctors at Mehan Eye are praised for their expertise and thoroughness in eye exams and care.
  • Excellent bedside manner: Reviewers consistently mention the kind and patient demeanor of the staff, creating a comfortable and positive experience for patients.
  • Specialized and trustworthy care: Mehan Eye is recommended by patients who require specialist services, such as cornea specialists. This suggests that the center provides reliable and specialized care for specific eye conditions.
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