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VisionCenter is committed to connecting patients to the best local healthcare providers. We reviewed 104 Optometrists in Springfield, MA, and chose this list based on their:

  • Qualifications and education
  • Years of experience
  • Reputation and resources
  • Past customer experiences

We used AI technology to analyze 7814 reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook to find patients' favorite surgeons in the area. Our team then went through and hand picked our list of the best Optometrists in Springfield.

Papale Eye Center

1515 Allen St, Springfield, MA 01118

4.8 out of 5 (162 reviews)


The reviews for Papale Eye Center are overwhelmingly positive. Patients praise the knowledgeable and friendly staff, as well as the thorough and detailed eye exams performed by Dr. Papale and Dr. Rubis. Many patients express gratitude for the care they received and recommend the center for both routine eye exams and surgical procedures such as LASIK and cataract surgery. However, there is one negative review stating disappointment with the lack of communication from Dr. Papale and issues with the prescription and customer service. Overall, Papale Eye Center receives high praise for their professional and personal service.


  • Knowledgeable and Detailed Explanations: Dr. Papale and his staff take the time to explain procedures and exam results in detail, making patients feel at ease and well-informed about their eye care.
  • Prompt and Professional Service: Patients consistently mention that they receive prompt and professional service at Papale Eye Center, with quick appointment times and attentive staff.
  • Highly Skilled and Recommended: Many patients have experienced positive outcomes and highly recommend Dr. Papale and his staff for their eye care needs. They praise the staff's efficiency and kindness, as well as Dr. Papale's expertise in diagnosing and treating various eye conditions.

Longwood Eye & LASIK Center

180 Daggett Dr, West Springfield, MA 01089

4.1 out of 5 (138 reviews)


The positive reviews about the eye care center highlight the professionalism and attention to detail of the doctors and staff. Many patients were happy with the results of their eye exams, surgeries, and treatments. The doctors were praised for their thoroughness, ability to explain procedures clearly, and their caring and friendly demeanor. The overall customer service and support provided by the staff also received positive feedback from several reviewers.


  • The staff and doctors at the Eye & LASIK Center are professional and provide thorough care to their patients.
  • The center offers LASIK surgery with quick, easy, and painless procedures, resulting in improved vision for many patients.
  • The doctors at the center, such as Dr. Patel and Dr. Warren, are praised for their expertise and ability to diagnose and treat eye conditions effectively.

Robins Eyecare - Springfield Optometric Associates

1268 Sumner Ave, Springfield, MA 01118

4.8 out of 5 (468 reviews)


The majority of the reviews for the eye care center are highly positive, with customers praising the thoroughness of the eye exams, the helpfulness and knowledge of the staff, and the availability of a wide range of glasses and contacts. Many customers also appreciated the professionalism and friendly attitude of the receptionists and the optician. On the other hand, there is one very negative review that specifically criticizes Dr. Fleisher for being rude, belittling, and unprofessional. Overall, the eye care center seems to provide excellent service and a positive experience for most customers.


  • Thorough eye exams: Multiple reviews mention that the eye exams at this center are very thorough, ensuring that all aspects of your eye health are addressed.
  • Knowledgeable and professional staff: The staff at this eye care center are described as friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They take the time to explain insurance coverage, answer questions, and provide helpful recommendations.
  • Convenient and efficient service: Several reviews highlight the efficiency of this eye care center. Patients mention being able to get in and out quickly, sometimes even getting their glasses or contacts on the same day.

New England Retina Consultants

3640 Main St, Springfield, MA 01107

4.8 out of 5 (227 reviews)


The first review criticizes the practice for long wait times and lack of amenities, but praises Dr. Lally's competence. The second review highlights Dr. Gulati's friendly and professional approach and successful treatment. Overall, the reviews mention friendly and professional staff, short wait times, and successful treatments, with some concerns about long wait times and lack of amenities in one review.


  • Competent and knowledgeable doctors: Reviewers praise the competence and expertise of the doctors at the eye care center, specifically mentioning Dr. Lally, Dr. Gulati, and Dr. Foster. They appreciate their professional approach, immediate treatment, and successful surgeries.
  • Friendly and professional staff: Multiple reviewers mention the friendly and professional staff at the eye care center. They appreciate the kindness, respect, and support received from the staff members, including receptionists, nurses, and technicians.
  • Quality care and efficient treatment: Despite long wait times mentioned by some reviewers, others praise the level of quality care received at the eye care center. They highlight the attentive and knowledgeable doctors, thorough exams, immediate treatment, and excellent outcomes.

Chicopee Eyecare- Amanda Baltazar Sezer, O.D., Bobbie Jo Casey, O.D.

113 Center St, Chicopee, MA 01013

4.8 out of 5 (39 reviews)


Patients consistently praise the thoroughness and professionalism of the eye doctors at Chicopee Eyecare. The staff is described as polite, helpful, and accommodating, providing excellent customer service. The doctors take their time during exams, explain procedures clearly, and are attentive to patients' needs. Overall, patients feel well taken care of and would recommend Chicopee Eyecare for outstanding eye care services.


  • Thorough and professional eye exams: Multiple reviews mention that the eye exams at this eye care center are thorough and comprehensive, guaranteeing a high level of care for patients.
  • Friendly and helpful staff: Reviewers praise the office staff for being polite, professional, and accommodating. They are described as kind, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile to assist patients.
  • Excellent customer service: The practice is commended for its exceptional customer service. Patients feel valued and cared for, with staff taking the time to listen to concerns and address them effectively. Additionally, the opticians receive positive feedback for their attention to detail and ability to provide the right solutions for patients' needs and lifestyle.

Agawam Opticians

338 Walnut St Ext, Agawam, MA 01001

5 out of 5 (18 reviews)


Agawam Opticians receives consistently positive reviews for their customer service and knowledgeable staff. Customers appreciate the extensive selection of glasses and frames, as well as the quick turnaround time for repairs and orders. Overall, it is highly recommended as a reliable and friendly eye care center.


  • Excellent customer service: The staff at Agawam Opticians are praised for their warm and friendly approach, making customers feel valued and appreciated. They provide personalized assistance and take the time to listen to customer needs.
  • Quick and efficient service: Customers remark on how quickly their glasses were repaired or made, often within 24 hours. They appreciate the responsiveness and efficiency in meeting their needs.
  • Wide selection of frames: Agawam Opticians offers a large variety of designer frames, providing customers with ample choices to find the perfect style and fit for their eyewear.

Northeast Laser

274 Westfield St, West Springfield, MA 01089

5 out of 5 (16 reviews)


Dr. Frangie and his staff are highly praised for their friendly and helpful demeanor, efficient appointments, and honest recommendations. Many patients express gratitude for the successful surgeries and life-changing results they received, particularly with Lasik and cataract procedures. Overall, the reviews emphasize the professionalism, knowledge, and care provided by Dr. Frangie and his team.


  • Friendly, kind, and helpful staff
  • Efficient and quick appointments
  • Knowledgeable and professional doctors

EyeCare & EyeWear Center pc Madonna M. Santos, O.D.

170 Main St, Agawam, MA 01001

5 out of 5 (12 reviews)


Dr. Santos is highly praised for her caring and comfortable approach to eye care. She is trusted by her patients and goes above and beyond to ensure their well-being. Her colleagues also speak highly of her.


  • Dr. Santos is highly regarded by multiple reviewers for her caring and comforting demeanor during eye exams, making patients feel comfortable.
  • Many reviewers express gratitude and trust in Dr. Santos' abilities, indicating a strong level of confidence in her as an eye care professional.

Baystate Eyecare / Dr. Bouvier & Dr. Budri

809 Williams St, Longmeadow, MA 01106

5 out of 5 (12 reviews)


Patients rave about Dr. Budri and her team at the eye care center for their exceptional patient care, professionalism, and knowledge. They take the time to listen, thoroughly explain procedures, and make patients feel comfortable. Dr. Bouvier is also praised for his quick diagnosis and referral for a serious eye issue. Overall, patients highly recommend both doctors for their expertise and caring attitude.


  • Doctors are professional, knowledgeable, and caring.
  • Patients feel at ease and comfortable during their visits.
  • Doctors take the time to listen and thoroughly explain everything.
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