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VisionCenter is committed to connecting patients to the best local healthcare providers. We reviewed 124 Optometrists in McDonough, GA, and chose this list based on their:

  • Qualifications and education
  • Years of experience
  • Reputation and resources
  • Past customer experiences

We used AI technology to analyze 40006 reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook to find patients' favorite surgeons in the area. Our team then went through and hand picked our list of the best Optometrists in McDonough.

Fallas Family Vision

69 Griffin St, McDonough, GA 30253

5 out of 5 (807 reviews)


Customers rave about Dr. Fallas and his staff at Fallas Family Vision, describing the office as beautiful, clean, and inviting. Many reviewers praise Dr. Fallas for being thorough, informative, and honest during eye exams, going above and beyond to explain every aspect of the examination. The staff is described as friendly, professional, patient, and helpful in selecting glasses. Overall, customers highly recommend Fallas Family Vision for exceptional service and a thorough eye exam experience.


  • Dr. Fallas and the staff are friendly and provide excellent customer service.
  • The eye exams at Fallas Family Vision are thorough and detailed, with Dr. Fallas taking the time to explain everything to patients.
  • The office is clean, inviting, and COVID-19 safety precautions are outstanding.

DePoe Eye Center South Point

110 S Point Blvd, McDonough, GA 30253

4.9 out of 5 (610 reviews)


Overall, the majority of reviewers had positive experiences at this eye care center. Dr. Murphy received high praise for his listening, communication skills, and energy. The staff were described as friendly and attentive, and the office was clean and welcoming. However, there were a few negative reviews mentioning rude customer service and issues with pricing and prescription accuracy.


  • Dr. Murphy is highly recommended for eye exams - Customers appreciate his incredible listening and communication skills, as well as his knowledge and energetic personality.
  • Friendly and efficient staff - The office staff and assistants are friendly, attentive, and willing to answer any questions or concerns about vision.
  • Clean and welcoming environment - The locations are reported to be clean and have a modern style. Staff wear masks and take necessary precautions, making it a great place for eye exams and glasses.

Elevated Eyecare

917 Jonesboro Rd Suite A, McDonough, GA 30253

4.8 out of 5 (583 reviews)


The majority of the reviews are highly positive, praising the friendly and helpful staff, personalized service, and clean and inviting atmosphere of the eye care center. Many customers also appreciate the extensive frame selection and the thoroughness of the eye exams. However, there are a few negative reviews mentioning issues with incorrect prescriptions, long wait times, and dissatisfaction with the service received.


  • Friendly and welcoming staff who provide personalized experiences and are willing to answer questions and explain the equipment used.
  • Clean and professional environment with a variety of glasses to choose from and no pressure to purchase from their own selection.

DePoe Eye Center Stockbridge

550 Eagles Landing Pkwy, Stockbridge, GA 30281

4.7 out of 5 (507 reviews)


Customers have had positive experiences with the eye care center, praising the thoroughness of the eye exams and the helpfulness of the staff in selecting frames. However, there are negative reviews mentioning issues with additional testing and lack of follow-up communication. Some customers also expressed dissatisfaction with pricing and lack of transparency. Overall, the majority of reviews are positive, highlighting the importance of annual eye exams and the professionalism of the staff.


  • Thorough eye exams: Multiple reviewers mentioned that the eye exams at this center were very thorough, indicating that they take the time to ensure a comprehensive examination of the eyes.
  • Friendly and helpful staff: Several reviews praised the staff for being friendly and helpful throughout the entire process, from the examination to frame selection. This suggests a positive customer service experience.
  • Note: It's important to acknowledge that there were a few negative reviews, which mentioned issues with pricing transparency and customer service. However, based on the majority of positive reviews, the pros listed above seem to be consistent patterns in customers' experiences.

SVS Vision Optical Centers

3552 GA-138, Stockbridge, GA 30281

4.9 out of 5 (491 reviews)


SVS Vision eye care center receives positive reviews for their great customer service and thorough eye exams. Customers appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable staff, as well as the efficient and safe experience during COVID-19. However, there are some negative reviews mentioning issues with pricing, incorrect prescriptions, and unprofessional behavior from the receptionist. Overall, SVS Vision is recommended for its exceptional service, knowledgeable doctors, and reasonable prices.


  • Excellent customer service: Multiple reviews mention the great customer service provided by the staff at SVS Vision. They are described as friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and attentive.
  • Thorough and informative eye exams: Several reviewers highlight the thoroughness of the eye exams and the helpfulness of the eye doctors. They mention that the doctors take the time to answer questions and provide detailed information about their eye health.
  • COVID-19 safety measures: One reviewer specifically mentions being pleased with the attention to COVID-19 guidelines at SVS Vision. This indicates that the eye care center prioritizes the safety of their patients during the pandemic.

Clarkson Eyecare

1013 E Freeway Dr SE, Conyers, GA 30094

4.8 out of 5 (358 reviews)


Positive reviews about the eye care center mention that the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Customers appreciate the quick and efficient eye exams, as well as the thorough explanations provided by the doctors. Many reviewers have been long-time patients at the practice and commend the support and exceptional service they have received over the years.


  • Knowledgeable and professional staff: Multiple reviews highlight the staff's knowledge and professionalism, making patients feel confident in the care they receive.
  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere: Many reviewers mention the friendly and welcoming nature of the office staff, creating a positive experience for patients.
  • Efficient and quick appointments: Several reviews mention that appointments were conducted quickly and efficiently, minimizing waiting time and making the visit more convenient for patients.

America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

1395 Southlake Pkwy, Morrow, GA 30260

4.1 out of 5 (406 reviews)


Customers had generally positive experiences at America's Best Contact & Eyeglasses - Uptown at Southlake, praising the exceptional staff, great selections, and wonderful customer service. Some customers appreciated the convenience of the remote eye exams and the ability to try on frames on the website. However, there were a few negative reviews mentioning rude front desk staff, rushed exams, and incorrect prescriptions. Overall, there were more positive reviews than negative ones.


  • Excellent customer service: Multiple reviewers praised the friendly and professional staff, highlighting their helpfulness and warm personalities.
  • Convenient and efficient: Many reviewers mentioned that their eye exams were quick and easy, with prompt and attentive service. Additionally, some mentioned the convenience of online features like trying on frames virtually and scheduling remote eye exams.

Eye Center of Atlanta, P.C.

501 Pulliam St SW #139, Atlanta, GA 30312

4.8 out of 5 (291 reviews)


The reviews about the eye care center generally have positive feedback about Dr. Sharma and his staff. Many reviewers appreciate his kindness, attentiveness, and expertise in conducting eye exams. Some reviewers mention that they had a pleasant experience, felt well-informed about their eye health, and received help in choosing eyeglasses. However, there is one negative review that mentions a poor experience with getting a prescription and difficulty with contacting the office. Overall, the majority of reviews recommend Eye Center of Atlanta, praising the personalized attention and quality care provided.


  • Dr. Sharma is highly recommended for eye exams, especially for children. He is kind, attentive, and great with kids.
  • The staff at the Eye Center of Atlanta is friendly, personable, and helpful. They provide excellent customer service and make patients feel welcome.
  • Dr. Sharma takes the time to thoroughly explain the eye exam process and answer any questions. He is patient, knowledgeable, and ensures that patients understand each step of their eye exam.

America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

1596 Dogwood Dr SE Suite D, Conyers, GA 30013

4.1 out of 5 (260 reviews)


Overall, the reviews for this eye care center are mostly positive. Customers appreciated the level of customer service, professionalism, and helpfulness of the staff. Some customers had negative experiences, particularly with a specific doctor who exhibited an attitude problem. The wait times and scheduling process were also mentioned as areas for improvement. However, the majority of the reviews mentioned positive experiences with the eye exams and frame selection process.


  • Friendly and helpful staff: Many reviewers mentioned the friendly and welcoming attitude of the staff, including employees like Mekal, Leah, and Seluwa. They appreciated the level of customer service they received during their eye exams and while choosing glasses.
  • Efficient and professional service: Several customers were impressed with the efficiency of the eye care center. They mentioned quick eye exams, selecting glasses, and getting fitted with contacts in a short amount of time. The staff was described as professional and knowledgeable.
  • Note: The scanned reviews contained more negative comments than positive ones. As a result, only two pros were found.

Griffin Eyecare

112 W Oak St, Griffin, GA 30224

5 out of 5 (197 reviews)


Customers consistently rave about their experiences at Griffin Eyecare. They praise the friendly and welcoming staff, as well as the knowledgeable and thorough eye doctors. The use of new technology is also well-received. Overall, customers highly recommend Griffin Eyecare for a top-notch eye exam experience.


  • Advanced Technology: The eye care center has all new technology, providing a super cool and thorough eye exam experience.
  • Friendly and Professional Staff: The staff at the eye care center are described as welcoming, congenial, and knowledgeable. They take the time to listen to concerns and provide thorough explanations during the exam process.
  • Knowledgeable Doctors: The ophthalmologists at the eye care center have been praised for their expertise and ability to address and answer questions regarding eye health. They take the time to educate patients about their eye condition and provide personalized recommendations.

Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta

3645 Habersham Rd NW Ste 109, Atlanta, GA 30305

4.9 out of 5 (178 reviews)


Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for their eye doctors and eye exam services. Customers praised the attentive, patient, and friendly staff who were able to work well with children, including those with special needs. Dr. Locke was highlighted for her thoroughness in exams and explanations of results, while the staff was also commended for their knowledge, professionalism, and assistance in selecting frames. Customers felt they received excellent care, with some even mentioning specific services such as vision therapy. Overall, the practice came highly recommended for their expertise, customer service, and comprehensive eye care.


  • The staff is attentive, patient, and friendly, especially with children. They create a comfortable environment for kids during eye exams.
  • The eye exams are thorough and detailed, with the optometrist explaining the results and recommendations clearly.
  • The office provides a wide range of stylish eyewear and has a good frame selection.


1044 Avalon Pkwy, McDonough, GA 30253

4.5 out of 5 (177 reviews)


The eye care center received positive reviews for their amazing staff, friendly and informative service, thorough eye exams, helpful assistance in choosing glasses, and a wide selection of frames. Customers appreciated the professionalism and knowledge of the doctors, as well as the COVID-19 safety measures in place. However, there were some negative reviews regarding appointment miscommunications and issues with defective glasses.


  • Friendly and accommodating staff: Many reviewers praised the staff for being helpful, understanding, and friendly. They felt welcomed and appreciated the informative and patient service provided by the staff members, including the doctors.
  • Wide selection of frames and lenses: Multiple reviews mentioned the extensive range of frames available at the eye care center. They mentioned that they were able to find the perfect pair of glasses with the help of the staff. Additionally, reviewers appreciated the variety of lens options, including transitions and bifocals, and the use of modern technology in eye exams.
  • Note: It is important to mention that there were mixed reviews regarding the requirement for masks and a negative experience with an appointment being given away without proper communication.

The Eyecare Place, Llc.

42 Old Jackson Rd, McDonough, GA 30252

4.9 out of 5 (133 reviews)


The reviews for this eye care center are overwhelmingly positive. Customers mention that the staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, providing excellent service. They also appreciate that the center goes above and beyond to accommodate their needs, such as helping with insurance claims, providing honest advice, and offering flexible scheduling. Overall, customers highly recommend The Eyecare Place for eye exams and glasses.


  • Friendly and attentive staff: Multiple reviews mention the staff being nice, helpful, and patient. They take their time to answer questions, address concerns, and ensure a positive experience for each patient.
  • Excellent customer service: Several reviews praise the Eyecare Place for going above and beyond to meet their needs. They offer personalized service, help patients pick out frames, and even provide free assistance in certain cases. They prioritize customer satisfaction and make sure patients feel valued and cared for.
  • Knowledgeable and thorough eye exams: Reviewers appreciate the professional and thorough eye exams provided at this location. The staff takes the time to ensure accurate prescriptions and ask about the patient's lifestyle to recommend suitable frames. They also offer additional features like lightweight lenses and anti-glare protection.

Advanced Family Eyecare of Hampton

990 Bear Creek Blvd, Hampton, GA 30228

4.7 out of 5 (133 reviews)


Overall, the majority of the reviews express positive experiences with the eye care center. Many customers appreciate the helpful and descriptive nature of the employees during the eye exams. The staff is reported to be friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Customers also mention that the eye doctor, Dr. Gardner, is thorough, patient, and informative. Some reviewers appreciate the high-tech equipment used during the exams. However, there are a few negative comments regarding the lack of assistance in purchasing glasses and some issues with the front reception.


  • Helpful and descriptive employees: The employees at this eye care center are praised for being helpful and descriptive during the eye exams, making the experience memorable and informative.
  • Professional and knowledgeable staff: The staff, including Dr. Gardner, is described as professional, thorough, and knowledgeable, providing a high-quality and detailed eye exam experience.
  • Excellent customer service: Multiple reviewers mention the excellent customer service provided by the staff, highlighting their friendliness, patience, and professionalism.
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